Serially Lost: The Necklace (Part 1)

Her neck was bare. Her neck was not supposed to be bare. Her neck was supposed to have a necklace. There was a necklace right there!

She took several deep breaths and stared at her reflection in disbelief. She lost the necklace. This made no sense. She did not lose things. She still had a beaded bracelet that she made in first grade, for crying out loud! But the truth was staring right at her-or rather, not at her.

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Dream A Better Dream – Lama Pema

“The world around us is just a dream, no more real than the dreams we have when we are asleep. Often we dream about the same people, the same places as when we are awake. The difference is that when we are asleep we have no control over our actions. We have no control over whether the dream is happy or sad. When we are awake, we do have a certain amount of control over how we perceive our environment and ourselves. So when we are awake, we should dream a better dream.” ~Lama Pema~