[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Her Miracle

“I’m sorry she never got her miracle.”

“She did get her miracle, Landon, her miracle was you.”

-Nicholas Sparks, A Walk To Remember

Ask anyone about a miracle, and you’ll start a debate. They exist, they don’t exist, they’re the big shockers in life, they’re the little things every day.

Ask her about a miracle, and she knows exactly what she would say: all of the above. Because her miracle was him. Continue reading “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Her Miracle”

[Short Story] The Serially Lost Necklace


Her neck was bare. Her neck was not supposed to be bare. Her neck was supposed to have a necklace. There was a necklace right there!

She took several deep breaths and stared at her reflection in disbelief. She lost it. This made no sense. She didn’t lose things. She still had a beaded bracelet that she made in first grade! But the truth was staring right at her-or rather, not at her.

It was a simple necklace: Continue reading “[Short Story] The Serially Lost Necklace”

[Flash Fiction] Paku The Polar Bear

“Paku, get your big butt off the floor and let’s go!”

“No.” The 1,000-pound polar bear laid on the ice cap, his wet snout resting on his front paws.

“I’m warning you, if you don’t move willingly, I’m going to have to use force.”

Paku opened one dark brown eye, scanned my 5’1 petite frame, and let out a derisive snort. Frustrated, I kicked one of his hind legs.

“Ow. Oh look, I didn’t move at all.”

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The Happiness Tag

Sometimes, a tag just beckons, à la Rosema’s open nomination. A little happiness never hurts, right?


If it’s a soundtrack of my life you’re asking for, then it’s a soundtrack you’ll get. The playlist:

1) Better Than I Know Myself – Adam Lambert
2) Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter
3) Eyes, Nose, Lips – Tablo (English Cover)
4) Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling
5) Fight Song – Rachel Platten
6) Let’s Not Fall In Love – Big Bang

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[Flash Fiction] The Funky Munky

Since the day it first opened its doors, the Funky Munky was the place to be for any self-respecting monkey on any given night.

The drinks were acclaimed. Its self-named house drink, The Funky Munky, a sweet and tangy twist on the classic mojito with strawberries, pineapple, and a dusting of banana-flavored salt on the rims, drove the primates, well, appropriately bananas.  Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Funky Munky”

The Freelance Olympics — As Illustrated By Jack Sjogren

OLYMPICS! Yes, I am slightly kind of very much into the Olympics right now, which has taken up all my evening TV time (thank the TV lords that all my regularly scheduled programming is currently on hiatus). 

That’s why this series of comics by cartoonist and illustrator Jack Sjogren caught my attention both as an Olympics fan and aspiring writer, and I wanted to spread the fun & humor.

Maybe now, it’s more appropriate to say Happy Monday? Continue reading “The Freelance Olympics — As Illustrated By Jack Sjogren”

[Flash Fiction] The Letter In The Ziploc Bag

It was lying smack in the middle of the path, half shrouded by leaves, and I almost tripped on it. Sending a mental scolding to the person who littered, I dusted the leaves off the Ziploc bag, figuring I would throw it out in a nearby garbage can.

That was when I saw the letter. A letter? In a Ziploc bag? In the middle of my jogging route? Universe, are you trying to tell me something?

Intrigued, I took a closer look. The letter was in decent condition, protected by the bag, and I didn’t even have to take it out to read it. Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Letter In The Ziploc Bag”

[Short Story] Between the Shelves

*A/N: Update! There’s now a prequel to this story, another short titled ‘The Bookfeet’

The arch-window door opened with a jingle that signaled my entrance. I breathed in a combination of musty wood and a crisp hint of lemon. The crimson curtains, tucked at the sides of the floor- to-ceiling window by bronze tassels, blocked the heat of the sun and kept the store cool and comfortable.

“What are you looking for today?” A man sat in a plush armchair in front of the window, dressed smart as always in a gray cardigan and tie. He glanced up from the small table that was holding his laptop, a stack of thick-bound books, and what looked liked financial forms, dollar signs scattered here and there. Continue reading “[Short Story] Between the Shelves”

[Short Story] Glow-In-The-Dark Stars

*Exciting news, guys! This short story has been selected to be published in an online magazine called The Ghouls’ Review courtesy of Grammar Ghouls Press. To check out the magazine, click here!

My 12th birthday started with a conversation that might have been a dream. I was standing outside my parents’ room, ready to burst in with the news that today was My Birthday when I heard their voices.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” That was my mom.

“Shh, let’s just wait. She’ll wake up soon.” That was my dad.

The rest of the day went by in a blur. My favorite pancakes for breakfast, my party in the afternoon, balloons getting popped accidentally, the piñata exploding with candy (that was on purpose), Continue reading “[Short Story] Glow-In-The-Dark Stars”

[Short Story] The Halfway Point

The last thing he remembered was the crash.

Metal colliding into metal.

Glass shattering into his skin.

High-pitched ringing in his ears mixed with screams.

The sticky sap of his blood as it dripped down his cheek. Continue reading “[Short Story] The Halfway Point”

[Poetry] The Moment It Was All Worth It

There’s a little tug at the corner of her lips,
When I tell her a joke and my stomach does flips.

She bursts out laughing, uninhibited and free,
I would do so much, just to make her happy.

She tells me he’s amazing, and I pretend not to feel,
The tears in my heart that for years I’ve concealed.

I wonder if he knows how to treat her right,
I wonder if she knows how she keeps me up at night.

Then one day she comes to me with tears in her eyes,
I’m speechless as she starts to apologize.

There’s a little tug at the corner of my heart,
When she tells me it was always me from the start.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] The Moment It Was All Worth It”