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Remember not to compare yourself to strangers on the internet.

Remember that Alan Rickman was a struggling 40-something stage and TV actor when cast in his first breakthrough film.

Remember that there is no magic cure…

remember 1

Remember that Big Bang went from a boy band that could only afford $5 meals to successful musicians who can regularly dine on caviar, foie gras, and truffles.

Remember that J.K. Rowling used to be a single mother living off unemployment benefits while the Harry Potter series was rejected by 12 different publishers.

Remember to start.

“Start now. Start where you are. Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking. Start with voice trembling but start. Start and don’t stop. Start where you are, with what you have. Just… start.”
― Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Remember to H.O.P.E.

remember 2

This week marks the start of the Lunar New Year and this post-

This post is for all of us who have made it to another year, despite all odds.

I know you’re tired. I know you’re emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. But don’t you stop fighting.

Don’t you give up.

Cereal Dust Bowl by Carl Warner

[Grammar Ghoul] A Naughty Snack

I saw a house of bread.
A light shone from within.
It’d been so long since I’ve been fed.
My lips became a naughty grin.

I took a bite of the breaded house,
And grabbed some peanuts for the ride.
I drove away, a quiet mouse,
Then cackled madly, pleased with pride.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Grammar Ghoul’s Writing Challenge. A quirky poem inspired by a quirky photo prompt, and 52 words exactly! Feel free to use the link to vote for your favorites.

[Flash Fiction/FFFAW] Worth It

red bench

Pic Credit: Ady

They chose this bench because it was in a secluded part of the park making it hard to find, even with its bright red paint. It was perfect for a rendezvous between secret lovers.

Her secret lover in particular was late.

He and the rest of his band members had just returned to the country after promoting their new album overseas. A massive crowd of fans had gathered at the airport to welcome them home, pushing through the band’s bodyguards to get better pictures of their favorite members.

Sometimes, she wondered if dating him was worth the death threats from his hardcore fans, the hate comments on her social media accounts, and all the sneaking around to hide from reporters.

“Hi Beautiful.”

She blinked as her secret lover in question leaned against the bench, catching his breath. His black hoodie fell backwards, revealing his bright red hair.

“Did you…run all the way here?”


“But…you hate running.”

“I do. It’s basically torture.” He looked up and smiled widely at her. “But you’re worth it.”

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count – 174! Just a fluffy little thing that sort of leans into Fanfiction (or so insists my inner fangirl).

To read my other FFfAW submissions, Click here. To read submissions by other wonderful writers, Click here.


Passports & Utensils

Inspired by a fellow blogger Maria’s response to the Daily Post prompt: Live to Eat. As they say with most feasts, the more the merrier, right?

Prompt: Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life?

Passports out and Utensils ready! In no particular order…

1.  Hogwarts – The Chosen Meal

great hall feast

I can picture it now: taking a seat next to my fellow Ravenclaws, making quick friends with Luna (her quirkiness = hello, awesome friendship), and stuffing my face with every kind of delectable dish and treat imaginable, finally washing it all down with a cold goblet of pumpkin juice. Mmm.

2. Scotland – A Meal with the Queen


 If we’re going to talk about Hogwarts, then we’ve absolutely got to talk about J.K. Rowling. I picture it as a low-key casual lunch: fragrant teas, light sandwiches, and conversation that sways from writing tips to must-see sights in the UK, with some Harry Potter puns thrown in there because everyone knows that you can’t sit at the cool table unless you’ve got a Harry Potter pun up your sleeve. Continue reading

Writer’s Quote Wednesday: “I Sense Colors In You…”


This week’s Writer’s Quote is taken from a Manga series called MARS, which remains to this day one of my favorites. Not sure how many fellow bloggers out there read manga or are familiar with this series, but as this quote indicates, it’s a story about pain, beauty, art, and growth.

I always find myself coming back to this quote in particular. Why? Because this quote reminds me of the light and the darkness that plagues our everyday lives. And this quote reminds me that there is still brilliant beauty in all that pain. That being strong doesn’t mean nothing hurts you, rather, being strong means you feel every ounce of that pain but you don’t let the darkness put out your light.

Finally, this quote reminds me to never stop painting my life with my own colors, and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to look back and see that I’ve painted a blazing masterpiece only I could have done, instead of a half finished piece that will never be complete.

Tell me, what are your colors?

Written for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, with the prompt of beauty. Just managed to squeeze this in, I hope!


earth without art

Emmie Mears: Hi, Hello, We’re Here to Revoke Your Artist Card

You all know the syndrome. It plagues us all whether you’re a writer, a musician, or a painter. It doesn’t discriminate the artist; it only creeps up near you and whispers how you’re not good enough compared to THEM until you finally give in and then what? Then, you live your life with your Real Job and the rest of us live ours without ever getting to be inspired by the art you always had the potential to create.

Below is an excerpt from Emmie Mears’ account of the Impostor Syndrome. It’s probably one of my favorite accounts of this, and I’m sharing it with the hopes that it changes the mind of someone who’s considering turning in their artist card. The earth without art is just eh, after all.

A Face pops up over the shoulder of the person I’m talking with. Beatific smile, too-thin lips, very even but too-small teeth. Hair that belongs in a barber shop quartet. Too much pomade. The Face exudes a sour smell, like a dirty sock that fell in a catbox. That smile stays plastered on the Face like it’s been rolled up there with wallpaper glue.

“You don’t belong here.” He says it in a nasal, bureaucratic tone, floating over the shoulder of my conversation partner. “Really, they’re all better than you. You really ought to just walk away. And just wait until they catch you here.”

I get this feeling like I’m about to be picked up by the scruff of the neck until I curl my feet up under me, duck my head, and T-rex my hands in front of me. I force myself to keep smiling anyway, trying not to make eye contact with the Face even though it’s right beside the person I’m talking to.

“They’ll find out,” he sing-songs.

Continue reading

[Flash Fiction] Ten Minutes Ago

I stopped fighting ten minutes ago. I realized I was trapped fifteen minutes ago. I swerved off the road and into the polluted pond thirty minutes ago.

An hour ago, I was driving to my monotonous job in my beat up blue truck, like I had been doing for years. Ten years ago, I was dreaming about this moment where I thought I’d have made something of myself by now.

And now, now I’m trapped in my beat-up blue truck, drowning in a polluted pond, watching my life flash before my eyes.

If only I could say I had lived.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Had the idea to combine both photo prompts for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and Friday Fictioneers. 100 words exactly! What do you guys think?


Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! #1

You know how sometimes you have so many things to share because you can’t fathom that the world isn’t already basking in the awesomeness of all these things? BEHOLD. I present to you:

NBOT!AKA my Regular Wrap Up of Random Awesome Things, Brought Under a Seemingly Random Harry Potter Quote Because My Fangirl DNA Genes Cannot Resist.

By regular, I mean bimonthly.

By bimonthly, I mean every other week, not every other month. While we’re on this topic, why does bimonthly have two definitions like that? WHY DOES ENGLISH INSIST ON CONFUSING US ALL.

Ok, onwards to the N.B.O.T.:

  • Also, what does it mean when you watch a TV show about Supergirl but kinda wish it was called Cat Grant instead?

    Cat Grant

    aka Supergirl’s badass CEO aka one of the best things in Supergirl’s life aka one of the best things in my life aka BADASS

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“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

So seize the moment.

don’t let the seconds waste away.

Quote: Jack Kornfield

1st photo: Metro Life Tower, Madison Avenue

2nd photo: Financial District Streets

Writing Pic

The Saddest Four Words. The Happiest Four Words.

The wildly entertaining and uncensored Bloggess wrote a recent post about The Happiest Four Words and The Saddest Four Words, which got my muse’s attention. She smacked me with a pencil, threw seemingly random words in my direction, and impatiently tapped her foot as I hemmed and hawed and scribbled and erased.

Behold! I assure you, these words have been muse-approved.

Four Saddest Words:


Four Happiest Words:


Your turn. What are your four saddest words and/or happiest words?

[Flash Fiction/FFFAW] When You’re Stuck In Life

fffaw photo 2

Pic Credit: Sonya

We don’t particularly like this sidewalk. The concrete floors get in the way of our roots and the black gates shut us out from the sun’s nourishing rays. Life, however, is about being stuck somewhere you never asked to be stuck in and making the best of it.

Some people make it a little harder to be positive, like the naughty child who marched up to me this morning and ripped off a leaf from my stem. I flinched in pain, which I knew looked like I was swaying in a random breeze. Nobody knew it hurt when they plucked off our leaves or petals because they never saw our pain.

Some people make it a little easier, like the curious child who picked up my leaf and exclaimed that it was the most perfectly formed leaf ever. I beamed with pride knowing that even my broken pieces were beautiful.

No, we don’t particularly like this sidewalk, but we make the best of it.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

My submission for the photo prompt challenge provided by FFfAW. Word count – 164.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Bleed

writers quote 2

Writing is one part putting words in front of each other, like picking the perfect partners for a dance, one part shuffling the sentences around like rearranging the musical score for that perfect melody, and one part breathing life into the story like a song pumping to the rhythm of our hearts.

Writing is like conceiving; it’s easy, it’s fun, we put words down on paper in any which way that intrigues us and turns us on. Bringing the story to life is like giving birth; that’s the hard part, to willingly put ourselves up for all that pain and understanding that the long nights and early mornings will never be the same.

In order to do that hard part, we bleed. We lay out our wounds to dry like dirty laundry on a clothesline because only then can others see our secrets. We cut ourselves wide open because our blood pumping through our veins is how we know we’re alive, and pumping blood through the veins of our words is how they come to life.

So tell me, how much are you willing to bleed?

Written for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, with the prompt of the magical process of writing.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Tick Tock


Some days go on for eternity, the ticking clock the soundtrack of our nightmares.
Some days slip through our fingers, as we grasp for the hours that had just been there.
And some days, some days are perfect,
Broken up into happy moments as if they were handpicked.
And those perfect days are perfect because those are the days we
Throw regrets to the wind and let ourselves be free.
Because some days, no all days, all days they end,
So let’s all promise to live the day we intend.
Let’s never spend any days pretending and,
Let’s make sure we’re proud of this life we have penned.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, with the prompt of Alan Rickman.

I know, I know, I already did one tribute to Alan Rickman, do I really need another? So instead, this is a tribute to Life. To living it. To loving it. And to doing our very best with it.

At the end of day, can you say that you are proud of this life you have penned?

Picture Credit: Imagination by syncaidia

[Flash Fiction/Terrible Minds] The Bookfeet

“You’re really going to do it, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes I am.” Jeff Fuller stood in front of his newly acquired property and took it all in. It was one story with duct tape on the windows, dusty wooden floors, and suspicious dark stains on the ceiling. He couldn’t help but feel proud of himself for the purchase.

Jacob Fuller, his younger orthodontist brother, stood next to him, pinching the bridge of his nose in exasperation. “You are an 80K-a-year accountant with a promotion around the corner and you’re just going to eff all that and open up a bookstore?”

“That is affirmative,” Jeff said, inhaling a deep, satisfied breath. “Do you smell that, Jakey?”

“Smells like your dreams dying a slow, asbestos-ridden death,” Jacob said as he grabbed his brother’s shoulders and wheeled him around to stare at him straight in the eyes. “Be honest with me, Jeffrey. Is this a midlife crisis? I always knew you were one crazy millionaire’s taxes away from snapping. Do you need a vacation? Is that what this is? We can go to New Zealand, you always wanted to go there, and see Hobbiton or the Shire or something.” Continue reading

Photo Prompt

[Flash Fiction/Terrible Minds] Getaway

She tightened her grip around his waist as he sped down the glowing street. Her dark hair rippling behind her caught the beam of a passing headlight and she found it odd that so much light could coexist simultaneously with so much darkness.

“Let me get this straight. You called me here at this ungodly hour…because you’re having a bad day? You have got-“
“I need you to take me away.”
“Come again?”
“You always said all I had to do was ask. I’m asking you now. Can you take me away from here?”
“Of course. How far do you want to go?”

He weaved around the cars on the chaotic intersection, barely giving the impatient drivers a moment to honk at him before he was gone again. He heard her gasp when he tilted the bike even lower.

“As far away as you can take me. I’m leaving myself in your hands for now.”
“Are you sure about this?”
“No…that’s why I said for now.”
“So, what am I supposed to do if you change your mind?”
“Tell me not to.”
~~~ Continue reading

[Flash Fiction/FFFAW] After All This Time? Always.

fffaw photo prompt

Credit: Etol Bagam

“Here ya go, hons.” The waitress approached the group in their corner table and passed around their beers with ease. Mumblings of thanks rose from the group. “Hope you don’t mind me asking, but what’s with the robes?”

They looked like young death eaters in their billowing black robes and high collars. They knew they were attracting wary stares from the rest of the pub-goers, but they were too distraught to care.

“We lost a friend today,” one of them, a frizzy redhead, spoke.

“Remember how we always made fun of him for looking like a bat in these robes?” Another member tried to lighten the air, lifting his blue eyes up from his beer. The group smiled in gratitude.

“A toast.” A third member raised her beer, her chipped yellow and black nails a sign that she had picked up her nail-biting habit again.

“To the bravest man we ever knew,” the fourth and last member of the group finished. He wiped a teardrop off his emerald ring as they downed their beers.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

This flash fiction is written in memory of Alan Rickman, the talented actor who made me burst shamelessly into tears on more than one occasion with his portrayal of Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. May he rest in peace.

My submission for the photo prompt challenge provided by FFfAW. Word count – 174 (just made it!)