Re-Introducing Me

For years, I’ve hidden behind the pseudonym of Jade M. Wong and the profile picture of an anime girl. I’ll still be using the pseudonym, but I’m ready to stop hiding.

To my blogging friends, my readers, and the whole wide world, are you listening? Can you see me? I’m re-introducing myself. Continue reading “Re-Introducing Me”

[Poetry] The Pickpocket

My heart was tucked in my back pocket,
Folded in a little square.
He was a pickpocket with nimble hands,
And all I could do was stare
When he gingerly opened the creases and folds
And wrinkles from years of wear.
He laid out my heart, aired out the pain,
And handed me his to care.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Poetry] The Pickpocket”

[Poetry] The Painting

Her cries poured through him like paint through flimsy paper. She begged for escape, but no one came to save her. 

She tensed before his raised hand. The swirls of purple and blue hues on her skin pulsed, contorting in a morbid dance.

In the seconds his hand needed to slice through her cries, she saw her colorful self reflected in his eyes. Continue reading “[Poetry] The Painting”

[Poetry] Their Colors

As red as a wildfire, impossible to tame,
Or the curve of her lips when she whispered his name.

As blue as the ocean, calm and composed,
Or her eyes when he confessed he needed her most.

As purple as the amethyst hugging her finger,
On the day they promised each other forever.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Still playing catch-up on OctPoWriMo.

This poem is a combo of three days: Day 4 – Purple // Day 15 – Blue // Day  25 – Red. 

[Charmed Fanfic] Chapter 3: Whack!

To read Chapter 2: Is It A Headache or Are You Hearing Stuff? click here.



At the Halliwell Manor, Wyatt was doing anything but sleep. Tossing and turning, he was lost in a vivid dream.

He’s in some sort of cave. Somewhere underground. A girl runs through the cave’s doorway. Her black hair is flying behind her. Her forehead is dripping with sweat. Two men, no, demons, appear chasing her, throwing fireballs. She screams and dodges them. She runs into a dead end. The cave has no way out. She turns around to face her attackers who are slowly approaching. She watches as one of them creates a fireball at the palm of his hand. The other pulls out a small knife. The demon throws his fireball at her and aims for her left arm. She screams in pain as the fireball makes contact with her skin and sears it angry red. She holds up her other arm to protect herself. A fireball appears at her palm. She stares at the fireball with shock. The demons, also surprised, stop in their tracks. Looking from the fireball to the demons, she throws it at the demon holding the knife, causing him to erupt into flames as he shrieks. The remaining demon creates another fireball, and the girl copies his movements, eyes wide when a fireball appears at her palm. She dodges the fireball that the demon throws at her and throws her fireball towards the remaining demon, who also erupts into shrieking flames. The girl sinks down onto the floor, her back against the wall, panting and grabbing her injured, bleeding arm.

Wyatt’s eyes flew open as he shot up in his bed, panting heavily and dripping with sweat. He grabbed his throbbing head and groaned. Continue reading “[Charmed Fanfic] Chapter 3: Whack!”

[Flash Fiction] Revenge

Leaning against a metal door, he paused to examine his scorched arm. The fire had eaten through god knows how many layers of his skin. Now that his adrenaline was slowing, he was finally registering the throbbing pain shooting up his arm.

A loud crash followed by a thunderous gust of wind echoed behind him. They were close.

Placing his uninjured hand on the floor, he willed the earth beneath to protect him. Obeying him, the ground cracked open and he jumped into a tunnel. If he was going to die, he would do it on his own turf.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Revenge”

[Charmed Fanfic] Chapter 2: How To Die Via Headache

It’s been brought to my attention (thank you Melinda!) that the concept of “orbing” is difficult to understand. I’ll admit, I am having trouble with describing it effectively, and I promise to keep trying in the future chapters. In the meantime, here’s a gif of what orbing is from Charmed. I hope it helps!

Chris Orb.gif

That gif also happens to be the actual Chris Halliwell from the show. Now you guys have a face to put with the name! 

To read Chapter 1: You’re Awfully…Chipper, click here.


How To Die Via Headache

Loud electric guitar solos and deep drum beats reverberated off the smooth walls of the packed club. The band, an up-and-coming punk rock group, kept the half-intoxicated crowd on their toes from the moment the members stepped on the stage.

Wyatt was sitting on a level above the dance floor in the velvet curtained VIP section. Glancing at his brother Chris sprawled on one of the several plush sofas, Wyatt wondered how the guy could sleep with the racket of the music coming from below. Continue reading “[Charmed Fanfic] Chapter 2: How To Die Via Headache”

[Flash Fiction] Suffocate

“How is it that you don’t know how to swim?!”

Coughing up water and desperately sucking in large gasps of oxygen, she barely managed to utter, “Shut…up…Fire Boy.”

Biting back his exasperated retort, he emanated heat from his arms to her soaking, shivering form, drying her white dress and wet hair. “Someone shoved you, you know. Someone who can crack open the ground, disappear through it, and then reappear through the ground somewhere else.”  Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Suffocate”

[Flash Fiction] Fire & Air

He trudged through the courtyard, as his fellow students scurried out of his way. He was stupid for thinking this school would be different than the others.

Plopping down on a bench near one of the courtyard’s stone lanterns, he jumped when a girl fell out of a tree next to him.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t scare me. You just…caught me off guard.” Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] Fire & Air”

[Charmed Fanfic] Chapter 1: You’re Awfully…Chipper

To read the Prologue, click here. 


You’re Awfully…Chipper

Her fingers click-clacked over the keyboard of her laptop, a mass of financial sheets scattered on the kitchen counter in front of her. She stretched briefly, tucking a few wayward strands of hazel hair behind her ears. Reaching for her coffee, she jumped, causing the warm liquid to splash precariously over the rim, when blue and white lights appeared.

“Damn it, Chris!” Melinda Halliwell dabbed at the coffee now staining her papers as the lights materialized into the form of her older brother.

“Morning, Mel!” All six-foot-one and solid, Christopher Halliwell greeted his little sister with sparkling green eyes and a wide grin behind light stubble. In one long stride, he grabbed his little sister’s coffee mug, refilled it, and placed it cheerfully back on the kitchen counter. Continue reading “[Charmed Fanfic] Chapter 1: You’re Awfully…Chipper”

[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano

They believed the volcano to be extinct. They thought it was harmless, and welcomed the building of a city beneath it and the planting of crops on the fertile red volcanic soil.   

The day they heard the low drumming, steady and rhythmic under their feet, they wondered if they should leave their city.

“But the volcano will not erupt,” they reassured each other.

And they were right. The volcano didn’t erupt. It did something worse.

The day the drumming got louder was the day the earth cracked open, emitting pink, fluorescent light that grabbed at their flesh and sucked the life out of their breaths. The entire city floated in the air, frozen in time, and then with a final note, the bodies disintegrated, the dust settling back on the soil.

When silence fell on the city, all that remained was a crimson layer of ash, the key to the soil’s fertility, and the volcano they thought was harmless.

© Jade M. Wong 2016 Continue reading “[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano”