[Poetry] Hiatus

hiatus picSometimes life gets in the way
Sometimes it’s just me
Sometimes I blink
-and in the blink of an eye-
A day fades to many.

Loud voices that quiet to whispers
Vivid hues that dull to grey
And always a sense of something missing
Something lost and gone astray.

But never, it seems, can I forget
Never can I ignore
The empty page
The growing itch
The voices that implore.

Sometimes I lose my way
And everything comes out wrong.
Sometimes I vow to never come back
Like this isn’t where I belong.

But it’s here that I found solace
It’s here that I watched fears burn
It’s here I learned
To unlock the doors,
And it’s here I will always return.

© Jade M. Wong 2014

[Poetry] 9 Years

*Art Credit: Heatherlee Chan | Lady Poppins*

*Art Credit: Heatherlee Chan | Lady Poppins*

9 o’clock on a much-too-early morning,
You threw me a buoy in the middle of life.
Even then, you and me were always like
A pair of old souls, two parts of a whole,
Readily willing every single time to
Superglue our pieces back together again.

© Jade M. Wong 2015

A/N: 3rd Post for Poetry 201! Prompt: Trust, Form: Acrostic, Device: Internal rhyme. “Yes, Jade, let’s do Poetry 201 because I’m sure it’ll be sooo much fun and you definitely won’t stay up until the wee hours of the morning cursing the alphabet.”

[Poetry] Fly Away

*Pic Credit: avodkabottle.deviantart.com*

*Pic Credit: avodkabottle.deviantart.com*

This way! That way! Which way? Wait, where?
Just cordial commands, because they care.
So I packed my things,
And I stretched my wings,
And off I flew in search of fresh air.

© Jade M. Wong 2015

*A/N: 2nd Post for Poetry 201. Prompt – Journey, Form – Limerick, Device – Alliteration. Butt-kicking – Mine. I never want to write another alliterative limerick attempt as long as I am alive.*

[Poetry] An Ocean’s War

Nature_Other_Ocean_stormAs frigid as glass
As powerful as lightning
An anger that casts
Destruction that’s frightening and
An eerie calm when its passed

© Jade M. Wong 2015

*A/N: First post for Poetry 201. Prompt was water, form was haiku (I opted for a tanka), device was simile. Joined because I thought this class would be fun *throws away umpteenth rolled up paper ball of some nonsensical water-inspired haiku attempt*. I need tea.*

[TV] The Librarians (on TNT)

It’s like The Doctor and Buffy got together in a TARDIS, went to an Irish pub to pick up the Leverage cast, and then materialized in a gigantic library-slash-men-of-letters-bunker where the Winchesters showed them how to defeat every badass magical thing out there.

In short, The Librarians is the combination of every awesome thing of all the above-listed awesome shows meshed into one awesome concoction of magic, quirky humor, and even quirkier characters.

So really, it’s love for me on an HD screen.

"We're...the Librarians." DUN DUN DUN

“We’re…the Librarians.” DUN DUN DUN

A spin-off of The Librarian movies (which made me want my own giant magical library more than I already did), this show follows the four people in the gif above. Shall we go left to right?

librarians 2

librarians 4 librarians 10librarians 8

Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth) is a mathematician who hallucinates thanks to a brain tumor lovingly nicknamed “the brain grape”. Jacob Stone (Christian Kane – with a shorter hairdo that’s all kinds of hubba hubba) is a geeenius specializing in art history whose signature weapon is an ax. Sooo…brains AND brawn. Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) is an ex-counter-terrorism-agent who kicks. ass. literally. And finally, Ezekiel Jones (John Kim) is a witty, wise-cracking world-class thief who apparently does not do punchy. (Also, *happy fist pump* for more Asians in the industry!)

The plot follows Cassandra, Jake, and Ezekiel as the three would-be Librarians, members of a secret society tasked with recovering magical relics, and Eve, the Guardian chosen to keep the Librarians safe while they’re keeping the aforementioned artifacts safe.

Then, there’s the supporting characters of Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle) who is the resident Librarian-extraordinaire with a trilogy of headlined movies to show for it, baddies who call themselves the Serpent Brotherhood, an adorably grumpy Library Head/Researcher Jenkins, and a sentient Excalibur who also goes by “Cal”, because it just rolls off the tongue easier, you know? Continue reading

[Poetry] A Toast


Here’s to Cupid aiming his arrows accurately
To lost love being found
Here’s to being nice (and a little naughty!)
For Santa all year ‘round

Here’s to friendships, stretched thin from wear
Built up like a house of cards
Here’s to friendships, triple knotted with care,
Built to last when things get hard

Here’s to laughing on the couch with a glass of wine
To empty tissue boxes and sad love songs
Here’s to enjoying the little moments of frozen time
To blasting the music and singing along

Here’s to getting rich off the tooth fairy
To Fourth of July sparklers in our backyard
Here’s to tweezers for when things get hairy
And to always paying off our credit cards!

Here’s to keeping our heads up high
When we’re crawling in the dirt
Here’s to learning how to say goodbye
To letting go of all the hurt

Here’s to checking off our bucket lists
To doing what makes us happy
Here’s to a new year with new plot twists,
To a new chapter in our story

© Jade M. Wong 2015

The Inspiring Blogger Who’s A Grammar Ghoul By Night

MORE PRETTY THINGS! Courtesy of dreamsbrightascitylights, I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Couldn't resist reusing because Misha and Jared throwing confetti is always relevant

I’ll be reusing this gif a lot because Misha and Jared throwing confetti is always relevant

Let’s get right with the fine print, shall we?

  • The nominee shall display the Very Inspiring Blogger Award logo on her/his blog, and link to the blog they got nominated from.
  • The nominee shall nominate bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about it.
  • The nominee shall write three things that inspired he/she the most this week.

jim carrey

Continue reading

[Short Story] The Mysterious Device…s?

GGWC Badge

I was calm. I was so calm. In fact, I couldn’t possibly be any calmer, despite the fact that I was solely responsible for this conundrum of an invention and I was trying very hard not to blow it up into a fiery mess.


I yelped and banged my head against the eyepiece I was looking through. Ok, I was not calm.

“You’re so tense.” Dirk strolled in, yogurt in hand and completely indifferent to the fact that he had just given me a mini-heart-attack. “So does that thing control people’s minds or what?”

“I highly doubt it, but-Dirk, what are you doing?” I watched as my dark-haired colleague leaned close to the thin blue elliptical object on my desk and poked one of the golden hieroglyphic buttons on top. A high-pitched beep rang from the device, and then silence.

“Huh. Think it’ll react to yogurt?”

“Wha-don’t drop yogurt on it!” I snatched the device off my desk and glared at Dirk with all the intimidation my five-foot-frame could muster. “I have no idea what this thing does. For all I know, it could be a bomb that someone buried in the desert and one wrong move could set this thing off! So no. Yogurt. Near. The thing.” Continue reading

[Poetry] When We Find The Courage To Remember


A hazy dream, easily forgotten
A shadow of a memory, pushed aside
A misty thought, lost, never to be found
When we do not wish to remember.

A half-opened door with a secret
A recollection whispering through
The door is shut, the key thrown away
When we fear of what we can remember.

A tiny light in the midst of the dark
A warm laugh in the falling of the tears
A gentle voice among the shouts
When we find the courage to remember.

© Jade M. Wong 2014