Muse, Are You Reading This?

So, my muse is pretty pissed off at me. I’m not sure how your muse looks like, but mine’s a little fairy of a thing. Thin arms, tiny hands, sarcastic sense of humor, brilliant mind. She’s been with me as long as I can remember, always sending me bits of inspiration at inconvenient times.

Like that moment just before my head hits the pillow. Or that groggy, zombie-like moment when the alarm first rings. Or basically every moment of every day no matter what I’m doing. At least, she used to.

You see, I started neglecting my muse after awhile. Even though she kept sending me ideas, I stopped writing them down. Actually, I stopped writing entirely. And eventually, my muse got fed up with me and left.

See the thing with muses is, you can’t just snap your fingers and expect them to show up. They need to know that you’re serious, that they’re not wasting their time with you. They need to see you sitting down and writing. Brownie points if you can make them laugh at how frustrated you are because your writing sounds like a bunch of discombobulated chickens without them.

Before she left, my muse said something because of course, she had to have the last word:

“Do you even remember why you started writing? What the words used to mean to you? Because I do. And it’s a shame that you forgot.”

She was right. Somewhere down the line of Life kicking my butt, I forgot why I started this writing thing in the first place. I got too caught up in “Nobody’s reading anyway” and “I’m just not in the mood to write”, and I forgot about that little girl who made up background stories for her stuffed animals, which of course, got changed around every day because she could never remember what she made up the day before.

Before I decided to resuscitate my blog and send out an SOS to my muse, I thought long and hard about everything that I forgot. And this is what I remembered:

I write because I can see a piece of myself in every word and hear the beat of my heart in every sound.

I write because turning myself into words on a page and learning where I need to revise and where I’m not doing so badly, that’s my medicine for, well, everything.

I write to share my heart with anyone who may stumble by and decide to open theirs. I may not write what others want to read, but I write anyway, because at the end of the day, my writing is my life. And I live my life for no one but myself.

Did you hear that? Sounds like my muse letting herself in the door.

60 thoughts on “Muse, Are You Reading This?

  1. Glad you found your muse again. I’m struggling with my writing at the moment as I’m trying to wrestle a 90,000 word manuscript into a novel. Writing is the hardest thing I’ve ever been mad enough to try to do. Some days I Love it. Some days I don’t. But I keep on going….

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    1. “Writing is the hardest thing I’ve ever been mad enough to try to do.” ~> Truer words have never been spoken, but I think our joy in the very act of writing makes it all worthwhile. Good luck on the manuscript wrestling! I look forward to reading this novel in the future 😀

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  2. Welcome back! And what a cool way to personify your muse. Your muse sounds like a living, breathing, human being.

    It’s always good to remind yourself of why you do what you do. And the quote from Maya Angelou really goes well with this post. All and all, this was well put together and a great read.

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    1. Oh thank you, Sharon! I really appreciate the read & comment 🙂 And I like to imagine that we all have little muses inspiring us every day. A writer can never be truly alone, after all. And I agree, it is always good to remind ourselves what we do the things we do. Thank you again for reading 🙂

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  3. Great post Jade. I’ve never thought of myself having a muse, and boringly call it creativity (I will work on a name), like you I have abandoned it and returned many times, but it never really changes.
    I try and take notice of every line it feeds me, each story it sends to nourish me and although like Angelou said, the words aren’t always in perfect harmony, they get there.
    Keep writing 🙂

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    1. I think your muse (if you so decide to have one) should definitely have a more unique name than ‘Creativity’ :p I think it’s a side effect of Life, the way we sometimes get distracted or forget to write, but it’s the way we always return that should be the important thing. As long as those words get written, we’ll be just fine 🙂

      Thanks for the read, Fionn, and I hope you keep writing too! I look forward to all of your future endeavors 😀

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  4. Very relatable post. I’m trying to shake off a phase like this. My muse is a little like yours, quirky and silly and imaginative, but with a dark side that emerges occasionally 🙂

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  5. I love this!!! I have a muse too 😀 And she is also kinda like yours 😉 Sarcastic (almost to the point of insulting :P) fairy like and of course dressed in a light pink glittery flowy dress and with a wand 😉 ..But my muse has a full-time job you know. Right from sending inspirations for writing to planning out the next place for visiting and not to forget, how to trick your hubby to watch a chick flick with you 😉 Maybe you could also give your muse other jobs so that she wouldn get bored 😉 Like maybe what toppings to choose when you order pizza 😉

    I love that quote by Maya Angelou ❤ ❤ I will follow you in Insta as well 😀 Your insta feed looks so awesome! I recently jumped into that bandwagon!

    And what do you mean "none is reading"?? There a few lesser mortals like me who cannot even imagine writing a poem and drool over your amazing writing skills and wondering when you gonna release a book! And here you are wondering if anyone is reading :\

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    1. Oh Minaxi, you are by far one of the sweetest and kindest souls in this blog-o-sphere and I truly thank you for your touching and heartfelt comments!! ❤ My muse is very flattered and thanks you as well 😉
      Now that you put it that way, I think all of our muses have full-time jobs from inspiring us to be mischievous to helping us make everyday decisions. Fantastic take on the concept of a muse! I will definitely be appreciating my muse a lot more :D.
      Thank you also for the instagram follow! Jeesh, you're so awesome. What's your Instagram? I'll keep an eye out for it and follow you back.
      Finally, I hope we'll continue to support each other ❤

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      1. I am so glad you(and your muse) liked my rant 😀 I was wondering if the length of the comment went a little overboard 😛 Thanks for the compliments. 🙂
        I have actually not yet followed you on insta..(how embarassing is that :\)
        Actually I am having a lil difficulty with insta right now 😀 Had some probs with app and now I seem to be locked out of my account. But, I will soon get it right(I cannot live without insta 😛 ) and will be back on track 😉

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        1. Hahaha, okay that would explain why I haven’t seen any instagram followers who remind me of you LOL. Again, no worries. Hope you get the issues sorted out soon. Technology can be so irritating sometimes, yet we can’t seem to live without it!

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          1. heehee 😀 I know!! I was thinking to myself, I gave such tall talks on insta and the app is not even there on my phone right now 😐 Have to wait till evening when the tech-geek comes back from office 😀 and the first thing I would do is stalk , oops I mean follow you in insta 😉

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  6. “I write because turning myself into words on a page and learning where I need to revise and where I’m not doing so badly, that’s my medicine for, well, everything.”

    LOVE THIS. Writing and editing are my medicine, too 🙂 Fabulous post!!

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  7. I know exactly what you mean here. I had a long time where I neglected my muse, where I forgot why I wrote and why I loved to write. My muse is back now – though I think she may be even more schizophrenic than she used to be – and the more I write the more easily the words and the ideas are flowing. A beautiful, heartfelt post, Jade. Happy writing! 😀

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  8. oh dear.. oh dear… this is just so raw, so honest, and as usual beautifully written. This post contains truth writers hide inside. I amd guilty, too. Sometimes… well… lately.. i thought muse can’t write anymore. Hence I decided to skip ALL writing prompts for a week. I thought… no one might read. the interest is wading.. so there. just stop. But then… like what you do, i went back to where it all started. And my blog actually begins with a Maya Angelou quote! 😀
    Geez. Soooo.. hugssss to you my dear! 😀 😀 😀
    and No Reader will NEVER happen. I am here!!! ❤

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    1. Thank you dear Rosema, hugs right back!! And I think rather than the muse not being able to write anymore, we just all need a break every now and then. No matter how much we all love to write, we do still need to step away sometimes and get new perspective on things and just relax our brains (and our muses). As long as we remember to come back to our writing, I don’t see anything wrong with a little mini-vacation! 😉
      Also, I am very touched at your support! It goes both ways – I will be here to read all your posts too! ❤

      P.S. Three cheers for Maya Angelou!

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  9. Oh dear, Jade… this is so heartfelt. We’ve all felt this way, one way or another– losing ourselves amid life’s hustle and bustle and (of course) when laziness kicks in. Hey, check your doorstep, your dear muse is knocking! ^^

    P.S. Don’t you ever think no one’s gonna read your posts, coz I’m here. Along with all your other blogger friends. ❤

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    1. Aww, thank you Maria 🙂 And yes, it happens to even the best of us, but I think as long as we remember to come back to our writing and our respective muses, things will work out in the end. I hope your muse is working hard too! ^_^
      P.S. Thank you so very much for the support, Maria!! It means a lot ❤ And the same goes for you, and your posts! I'll be reading 😉


  10. This is beautiful! It is so easy to forget, isn’t it? Also love the quote by Maya Angelou. The best thing to do is try. I think your muse is alive and well, looking forward to reading more!

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        1. I feel terrible about it, just terrible. It was exactly the opposite of what I wanted to convey. You are so very gracious. Thank you so much for trying to make me feel better about my inexcusable error. You are very kind.

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