[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Tick Tock

“Everybody dies.

Love those you have while you have them.

And do what you love while the world has you.”

-Chuck Wendig


Some days go on for eternity, the ticking clock the soundtrack of our nightmares.
Some days slip through our fingers, as we grasp for the hours that had just been there.
And some days, some days are perfect,
Broken up into happy moments as if they were handpicked.
And those days are perfect because those are the days we
Throw regrets to the wind and let ourselves be free.
Because some days, no all days, all days they end,
So let’s all promise to live the day we intend.
Let’s never spend any days pretending and,
Let’s make sure we’re proud of this life we have penned.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, with the prompt of Alan Rickman.

I know, I know, I already did one tribute to Alan RickmanSo instead, this is a tribute to Life. To living it. To loving it. And to doing our very best with it.


16 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Tick Tock

      1. I can vaguely remember reading a quote somewhere, along the lines of ‘Life’s too short not to use the good plates.’ That was a lot of years ago, but I started doing just that occasionally and, suddenly, simple weekday dinners felt like celebrations!

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