[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Bleed

“The work in which she is most remembered is the work in which she bleeds.”

-Meghan Duam

Writing is one part putting words in front of each other, like picking the perfect partners for a dance, one part shuffling the sentences around like rearranging the musical score for that perfect melody, and one part breathing life into the story like a song pumping to the rhythm of our hearts.

Writing is like conceiving; it’s easy, it’s fun, we put words down on paper in any which way that intrigues us and turns us on. Bringing the story to life is like giving birth; that’s the hard part, to willingly put ourselves up for all that pain and understanding that the long nights and early mornings will never be the same.

In order to do that hard part, we bleed. We lay out our wounds to dry like dirty laundry on a clothesline because only then can others see our secrets. We cut ourselves wide open because our blood pumping through our veins is how we know we’re alive, and pumping blood through the veins of our words is how they come to life.

How much are you willing to bleed?

Written for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, with the prompt of the magical process of writing.


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