[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] “I Sense Colors In You…”

“I sense colors in you. They’re strong and beautiful…and sad. I wondered what your colors were for a long time. They’re the colors of the sunset…the blazing shades of a sunset that burn just before the darkness sets in.”

-Kira, MARS by Fuyumi Soryo

This week’s Writer’s Quote is taken from a Manga series called MARS, which remains to this day one of my favorites. Not sure how many fellow bloggers out there read manga or are familiar with this series, but as this quote indicates, it’s a story about pain, beauty, art, and growth.

I always find myself coming back to this quote in particular. Why? Because this quote reminds me of the light and the darkness that plagues our everyday lives. And this quote reminds me that there is still brilliant beauty in all that pain. That being strong doesn’t mean nothing hurts you, rather, being strong means you feel every ounce of that pain but you don’t let the darkness put out your light.

Finally, this quote reminds me to never stop painting my life with my own colors, and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to look back and see that I’ve painted a blazing masterpiece only I could have done, instead of a half finished piece that will never be complete.

What are your colors?

Written for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, with the prompt of beauty. Just managed to squeeze this in, I hope!


17 thoughts on “[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] “I Sense Colors In You…”

    1. That’s beautiful and it makes sense; one’s colors do change as they go through life. Come to think of it, my colors have probably changed as well. I think I started with very bright shades of yellow and pinks, lots of optimism and innocence, and as I’ve gone through life, I can see the colors ebb towards deep purples and teals.

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  1. The blazing shades of a sunset just before darkness, that is in fact my favorite part of the sunset. I always tell people to wait, we have to see it burst! I love that you said the quote reminds you to never stop painting your life. With that attitude, you will indeed have a masterpiece!

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    1. That’s my favorite part of the sunset as well! There’s just something so breathtaking about that moment. Thank you for the kind words! I hope you paint a masterpiece as well 🙂


  2. Not sure what my colors would be, but I imagine they’ll have plenty of red. Always been a fan of the entire rainbow, the more brilliants, tints, shades and gradations, the better.

    Thoughtful piece. I appreciate that about you.

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    1. I’ve always been a fan of brilliant shades and eye catching hues as well! I think red might be a recurrent color for most of us. I also envision lots of purples; it’s my favorite color and the mystery and enchantment that surrounds the color has always attracted me.

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment Kathryn! I appreciate that about you 😉


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