[Flash Fiction] Shadow

“…For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!” The black Labrador protested as the other shelter animals cackled away.

“Just ignore them.”

The puppy turned in the direction of the new voice. He couldn’t see it, but the voice belonged to a black cat lounging in the cage next to him.

“They keep saying my human mother returned me because of something I did, but I was a good boy! I swear!”

“I believe you.”

The Labrador blinked his sad brown eyes in surprise. “You do?”

“I do. What’s your human mother like?”

“She let me sleep on her bed,” The puppy answered eagerly as if he was afraid he would forget the memories otherwise. “And she called me Shadow. She said she wanted me by her side like a shadow.”

“I can tell she loved you very much, Shadow.”

“Then…why didn’t she want me?”

The black cat paused as he remembered what his own human mother told him once. “Sometimes, things happen that you can’t control. Even though it breaks your heart, you have to let those you love go and hope one day you can be with them again.”

The puppy leaned against the wall separating their cages. “Do you think she misses me?”

“Yes Shadow, I think she misses you very much.”

“Do you think she’ll come back for me?”

“The first chance she gets.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

public-domain-images-free-high-resolution-quality-photos-unsplash-0002-1024x612First time writing for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Went slightly over the word count. Suggestions on how I could’ve cut this to 200 words are welcome.

The black has his own origin story in One Weekend and A Bowl Of Tuna


10 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Shadow

    1. *hands you tissues* If it makes you feel better, my heart broke a little bit as I was writing this. I too have had rescue pets, and there are few animals more deserving of a home than rescue animals ❤

      Thank you for reading and commenting (and for following my blog!) Looking forward to seeing you around ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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