[Flash Fiction] Dominoes!

“Twenty bucks those poles collapse and all anyone sees on camera are the pillars falling like dominoes.”

Grace gave her co-star an aghast look. “There are crew members up there!”

“I’m not saying they’ll collapse NOW.”

Grace thought better than to reply. Still, there had been some unnaturally bad luck surrounding the filming of their movie. The filming had been delayed by odd sounds that interfered with the audio, random props going missing, and even a camera that combusted internally last week. Grace shook the thoughts out of her head as the cameras began to roll.


The assassin strolled up the museum stairs, keeping an eye on her mark. A loud metal groaning filled the air.

The scene froze as everyone turned to see the poles holding up the museum set begin to rip apart. Another metal groan jerked everyone back to attention as they started scrambling madly to safety.

Above the uproar, the assassin could hear her co-star’s voice bellowing, “DOMINOES!”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Credit: Ellespeth’s Friend

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count – 165.

The standalone sequel to Take 13.  


22 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Dominoes!

  1. I could not do this one. Blocked. I dunno, all I could see in this picture is the guy who is seated, falling to his death. Just didn’t feel up to killing someone off.

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  2. Nice continuation of your story. Isn’t it curious how you (and so many of your commenters) first drew mental parallels to games, when viewing your image? You saw dominoes, and I saw KerPlunk (http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/studentlife/files/2013/03/kerplunk1.jpg). My inner nerd also saw Vulcan Kal-Toh (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/Kal-Toh-completed.jpg).

    BTW, if you wanted to trim it down by a word, I think you could drop the “female” in “female assassin”, as it’s obvious from the later personal pronoun that the assassin is female. Do we get to learn more about her? Colour me interested.

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    1. I’ve never heard of either game that you referenced so the links were super helpful! And I agree, I wonder what that says about us that our brains jumped to games seeing this photo. As for your suggestion, that is a very good point! I’ve taken out the word :D. Thanks, TUS.

      Also, perhaps we’ll learn more about her together. I love how these prompts spark all kinds of ideas and characters that I wouldn’t have normally.


  3. I have never played dominoes but I can tell this means there’s a big one coming! LOL! That poor movie can’t get a good start with all the problems they are having. Great story, Jade! I like your take to the photo prompt!

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    1. You’ve never played dominoes? I used to, although my version of playing was lining them up in designs and watching it all come down, hence the plot of this story XD.

      Thanks as always for picking a great photo 🙂


  4. If that scaffolding comes down, it will be fast and ugly. If anyone is on it at the time there might be human shish kabobs when the dust settles. Let’s hope they finish filming before that happens. Nice take on the story.

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