[Flash Fiction] Take 13


Loud stomps on the second floor of the chapel brought the filming to a standstill.

“Jones, bring me the idiotic PA that’s thundering around upstairs and fire him off my set now!” The director bellowed at his assistant, his dark hair an unruly mess from all the times he’d wringed it in frustration.

“This is the 11th time we’ve had to redo the scene,” Grace mumbled to her co-star, fanning herself in the heat.

“12th, if you count the time we actually finished the scene only for them to realize the camera didn’t capture any of it.” Her co-star dabbed at the sweat forming at his temples. “Between the bad luck and the worse heat, I wouldn’t be surprised if a camera blew up next.”

“Sir, there’s nobody upstairs!” Jones reappeared, his shirt a sticky mass after the brief jog to the second floor.

“Fine. Positions, people! Scene 1, Take 13, and ACTION!”

A loud pop rang through the room followed by a burning smell. All heads turned towards the rings of smoke trailing up from one of the cameras.

Grace turned to see her co-star facepalming himself.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Credit: A Mixed Bag

First submission for Sunday Photo Fiction. Word Count – 189.

Did you know there’s a sequel? -> Dominoes!


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