[Flash Fiction] The Flames

The flames lapped eagerly at the guitar, showing no discrimination between the shiny new strings or the scratched wooden body. With heaving breaths, he struggled to remain conscious as flames jumped around his hands and traveled up his veins.

He’d ignored the heat rising from his palms earlier, just like he ignored his scorching fever yesterday and the trail of things he had burned to embers just by touching them. Now, however, he couldn’t ignore the smoky crisp that was his guitar. He couldn’t ignore the very real flames that danced around his arms like a cruel joke. And he couldn’t ignore the fact that he didn’t know how to control any of it.

Weeks of fighting this mutated ability to create fire had taken everything he had and he finally felt himself letting go. The flames lashed out of every pore and the last thought he had before surrendering to them was “Someone…please help me.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count: 156. Shortest word count yet!

23 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] The Flames

  1. Woah. Your imagery of scorching flame is superb, Jade. I enjoyed reading this one and I couldn’t help but think of fire Naruto, Fairytail, and Gakuen Alice after reading it. Ha! All those jutsu and powers does interest me the most. 😀

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  2. That would be a dreadful ability – to turn everything you touch into burning embers. This story is great, Jade! I like your spin on the prompt. Very nice! I have noticed that you have not linked up your story to the InLinkz board. Are you having trouble with it?

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    1. Thanks PJ! I’ve always been intrigued with elemental-based abilities. Fire in particular I feel like can be really good or really bad.

      My story’s been linked 🙂 The reason why it wasn’t earlier it because I schedule my posts ahead of time so I can maintain a regular posting thing rather than bombarding people with 5 flash fictions in a day lol. But a downside to doing that is I can’t link it up ahead of time, so I usually link it once I get access to a computer again 🙂


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