Weekend Coffee Share: Teal Highlights & Baby Thor

You: You ordered a milk tea? Really? You might as well just order a latte.

Me: A latte? Really? You might as well just order milk tea.

You: Touché. So, excited for April?

Me: April’s scary. The weather warms up. There’s the pressure of having results from the New Year’s Resolutions. Everyone feels like they have something to prove.

You: Like that girl paying for her coffee? Wrinkle-free pantsuit, 5 inch pumps, hair pulled back in an immaculate bun and those gorgeous teal highlights. What’s she trying to prove?

Me: That she’s 100% confident in her ability and doesn’t care if anyone thinks she should look more appropriate. Hey! Excuse me! Ms. Teal Highlights! You are rocking that hair, girl!

You: You know, people find that embarrassing, calling out to strangers like that.

Me: But you’re not people, you’re You.

You: Touché again. Ooh, our cake’s here.

Me: Your turn. Take…that guy in the gray hoodie sitting with the laptop.

You: You mean, nerdy baby Thor? Hello, blond hair, blue eyes, and definite potential for some superhero muscles.

Me: Focus, you. What do you think he’s trying to prove?

You: Hmm…that contrary to everyone’s belief, he did not make a mistake enrolling in Columbia University and he will graduate, even if it takes him another week of all-nighters to finish his paper.

Me: That’s awfully specific.

You: His Macbook has a Columbia U. sticker on it, his pretty blue eyes shine through some serious dark circles, and the only thing to stress a student out to that extent is an all-important paper worth 50% of your final grade.

Me: You’ve been marathoning Sherlock again, haven’t you?

You: Noooo…maaaaybe. Ok what about you then?

Me: Still trying to come to terms with Shemar Moore leaving Criminal Minds. What am I supposed to do without my Chocolate God of Thunder?

You: Ha ha. You know that’s not what I meant. What are you trying to prove, Jade?

Me: …That I’m making good decisions with my life, I guess. That I’m on the right track. That I’m okay.

You: Well, seeing as how you decided to grab coffee, or a coffee wannabe in your case-

Me: Hey! Don’t insult my milk tea.

You: It’s obviously trying to be a latte. But as I was saying, seeing as how you decided to be here with me on a rainy Friday, chatting about teal highlights and Baby Thor, I think you’re doing pretty okay.

Me: Thanks, you. Seeing as how you’re drinking a wannabe milk tea, I think you’re doing pretty okay too.

My first time participating in Weekend Coffee Share. Until our next coffee date, fellow readers, bloggers, and coffee (or milk tea!) aficionados.

Credit for the beautiful featured photo goes to Olu Eletu


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