[Poetry] NightLight

I remember when you turned off the light,
When you plunged my world into never-ending night,
I remember that I didn’t even fight.

It turns out all it took was one final fight,
To make me realize you hadn’t stolen my light,
It was always up to me to end the night.

No more stumbling around in the night,
No more being too afraid to fight,
It’s time I turned back on my light.

And always I will fight for now I know I am my own NightLight.

© Jade M. Wong 2016


Day 7 of NaPoWriMo. Prompt: Tritina. Never tried this poetry form before. 

Also, I’m behind agaaaaiiinnn. *Locks self in room with gallons of tea and rolls up sleeves* Alright, muse, let us kick some poetry butt. 


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