[Poetry] More Than Just A Dream

Like winter’s chilly rain, for you I weep,
To be with you is but an endless wait,
Somehow for you I have fallen so deep,
Your mere presence to me intoxicates.
I make a wish upon a fleeting star,
Eyes closed, I can almost feel your embrace,
Reality between us, a distance so far,
I try to trace the smooth lines of your face.
Like summer’s heat, you burn bright in my eyes,
With a gaze so intense you freeze me cold,
I call out to you but hear no reply,
Arms stretched out, I yearn to hold.
I cannot touch misty wisps of steam,
And you are nothing more than just a dream.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Day 9 of NaPoWriMo. Prompt: Write a poem that includes a line you’re afraid to write. 

Bonus points if you guys can pinpoint the line that I’m afraid to write!


19 thoughts on “[Poetry] More Than Just A Dream

  1. oh dear… this poem is subtle yet so deeply melancholic. beautifully written because the longing is just sooooo painfully vivid.

    i’m just curious… is this non-fiction? because it felt so real and raw.

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    1. It’s…fiction inspired by non-fiction? Lol there are kernels of truth in there. But that’s usually how it is with writing, right? We write based on our experiences, and whatever interests us, so there’s always pieces of us in the words we choose 😉

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  2. For some reason, I feel cold while reading this! Which is it? Haha. I’m a nosy blogger I wanna know which part afraid to write. 😉
    I call out to you but hear no reply? I cannot touch misty wisps of steam?

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