[Poetry] The Sound of Home

Oven dings for oddly-shaped cookies
“We’ll never make these perfectly round, will we?”
Popcorn pop-pop-popping in the microwave
“That’s a lot of butter, aren’t you feeling brave?”
Theme song chiming, notes floating in the air
“The movie’s starting, hurry up and come here!”
Flopping on the sofa with giggles and sighs
“Stop making me laugh, I’ve got tears in my eyes!”
Silencing the world for one more memory
“Home’s always sounded like you and me.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016


Day 18 of NaPoWriMo. Prompt: Write a poem that incorporates the “sound of home”. 

A few days late on NaPoWriMo again, because this poem was giving me so much trouble for days that I had half a mind to chuck it out the window. 


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