Sailboats & Bubble Tea (aka The Entertainer Blogger Award)

Quirky? Yes

Punctual? HAHAHA.

Slightly insane? …Only slightly?

Entertaining? That’s a new one. 

But thanks to this nomination by Bookish Girl in a Boring World, I can now say I’m entertaining and I have an award with a sailboat on it to prove it. Because…sailboats are entertaining?

crowley gif.gif

Onwards to the questions! Because what’s a blogging award without some random questions to go along with it?

1) Why did you start a blog in the first place?

This blog is a concoction of every scribble in the corners of napkins and every inconvenient word that kept me up until 4am. It also comes with a detailed map to help you navigate all the categorical nooks and crannies.

This blog is dedicated to turning myself, and my life as I know it, into words on a page. Because maybe then, everything will finally start to make sense.

You say that was taken verbatim from my About Page? Huh. What a crazy coincidence. 

2) What is your favorite book?

I have a special love for the Harry Potter series. I was part of the Potterhead generation that grew up with the characters. Whenever I needed Hogwarts, it was always there to welcome me home. 

3) What do you dislike the most?

-Bugs with more than 4 legs
-Bugs with no legs at all

4) What is your favorite food item from the mall?

BUBBLE TEA. It’s my elixir. It’s CANDY IN A TEA. It’s healthy-ish and delicious.

5) What is your favorite past-time activity?

world gif

Last but not least, Nominations. As in I nominate all of you.

As in if you feel you are entertaining and you want to add another badge on your blog, then do I have a badge for you! Because who am I to tell you what to think of yourself and what you can and can’t have on your blog?

And because sailboats are entertaining…obviously. 


Credit for the beautiful photo goes to Luca Upper


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