[Flash Fiction] Guardian Angel

Watching her writhing limbs, I knew every second counted when I plunged my arm through her stomach. A startled gasp left her lips as my iciness collided with her warmth. Squeezing the poison out, I sighed with relief as life poured rosy hues back into her cheeks. Her unsteady gaze took a minute to focus and when her eyes widened, I knew she was seeing the dazzling lights and my glowing white robes.

“Who…you?” The words tumbled out in a raspy breath.

“Your guardian angel.”

“Why…look like that?”

“Because the living want angels to be beautiful.”

“I want…you really look.”

The bright lights dimmed until they no longer hid my limp black hair and smooth pale face – there’s no conditioner in the afterlife, but there aren’t any pimples either. The white robes faded into a white wedding dress embellished with gold, my wedding dress that I was wearing the day I died.

Her breathing became even and she whispered the first complete sentence since I’d saved her life. “You’re already beautiful.”

The words wafted into me, bringing with them a sense of warmth I hadn’t felt in so long. “I’d been waiting to hear those words my entire life.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

mirrorWritten for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Word Count: 200.

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