And Now, Some Award-Tastic Shoutouts

Various bloggers have nominated me for awards over the past month and instead of thanking these wonderful bloggers on a timely basis, I have instead let the time run away from me. So, without further ado!

–> Thank you Fernanda at Mystery Date With A Book for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award, and since the rules haven’t changed, here’s my original thank you post for this award, two years old but still relevant!


Fernanda’s also nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, which might be my favorite award thus far BECAUSE DRAGON. Thanks Fernanda!

–> Thank you to both Awkward Babble and Chadddelra for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. And looky here, I’ve got a thank you post for that too. One of Awkward Babble’s questions is already answered there, and to make things even, I’ll answer one of Chadddeldra’s questions…

Q: If you can have superpowers, what would it be? Ability to fly/sprout wings/aerokinesis. To me, flying is the ultimate freedom, and I’ve always found myself attracted to the element of air. Behold a couple of my favorite superheroes/villains: 

angel 1
EXHIBIT A: Angel/Archangel
EXHIBIT B: Riptide

–>Thank you KashafS at Escape Into Words for nominating me for the blogger recognition award  and this one asks about the history of my blog as well as advice for new bloggers

–> Last, but not least! Thank you Felicia for nominating me for the Epically Awesome Award for Epic Awesomeness, which needless to say, is both epic and awesome. epic awesome awardMost of the questions that come with this award have already been answered in other award posts, so I’ll pick out the couple questions that are new. 

Q: Are you a Once in a while blogger or a Daily one? If I’m doing daily prompts such as NaPoWriMo, then daily. Since I do a lot of weekly writing prompts, there’s an ebb and flow of inspiration that influences my posting.

Q: Do you wish to publish, and if so, what type of book? I do wish to publish one day. My ideas dabble in genres.  It’s just getting my butt down and finishing a manuscript that is my biggest struggle.


A final HURRAH & THANK YOU to all my wonderful blogging friends who nominated me for these awards. They’re fun excuses to whip out some X-Men gifs and spread the love. I typically do open nominations so there’s no pressure on any party involved. All these awards are up for grabs to my followers & readers; take any you wish and run with them. 

Because at the end of the day, we are each other’s fans and supporters, and that’s what matters. 


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