[Supernatural Fanfic] A Bloody Detour

“Damn it, Sam, next time we go vamp hunting, we’re bringing one of those to-go detergent pen things. It’s a pain in the ass trying to wash the blood off every time,” Dean Winchester hunched over a sink in a shabby motel bathroom in Boise, Idaho, angrily scrubbing away at a leather jacket.

“I don’t think those pen things work on blood,” Sam Winchester replied. The plaid shirt he wore during the vampire hunt washed easily and was now hanging to dry on the shower railing. “Maybe next time, don’t wear your leather jacket.”

Maybe next time, don’t wear your leather jacket,” Dean mimicked, flicking soap suds onto Sam’s drying shirt, just as his phone started ringing outside.

“Want me to get that?”

“No, I’m just going to grow a third stretchable arm and answer the damn thing myself.”

“Alright then, Grumpy,” Sam rolled his eyes, reaching for the phone. “Hello? Hey Bobby. Okay, thanks. Hey! Bobby has a case for us in Vermont, possibly a very vengeful family of spirits.”

Dean popped his head out of the bathroom. “He wants us to go where, now? Does he realize we’re on the other side of the country? What does he expect my car to do, sprout wings?”

“You know we’re down on hunters, Dean,” Sam said, already stowing his laptop into his duffel bag. “Besides, we don’t usually venture to the East Coast. This could be like a vacation. Kinda.”

A line of muttered expletives was Dean’s response as he trudged back into the bathroom to salvage what he could of his blood-stained leather jacket.

Next stop: Vermont.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

MotelWriting for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. Word Count: 271. I know I went over the word limit, but Sam and Dean are just so much fun to write.  

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          1. A lot! I listen to about 200 audio books per year and follow about 50 series. I love paranormal detective books like Butcher’s the Dresden Files, David B. Coe’s case files of Justis Fearson, ilona Andrew’s Kate Daniels series, Mike Carey’s Felix Castor books, Alex verus series by benedict jacka, the Daniel faust series by craig schaefer, regular mystery series, Richard kadrey’s sandman slim novels, john g. Hartness’ black Knight chronicles, elliot james’ pax arcana series, c. E. Murphy’s walker papers series, faith hunters’ jane yellowrock series, rachel aaron’s heartstrikers series, i could go on and on. This not including my favorite nonfantasy mysteries/police procedurals (louise penny’s inspector gamache series). I read so many books, i can’t keep my goodreads accout up to date. If you ever need a recommendation, I’m your go to gal.

            clive cussler’s Fargo series,

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