[LoTR Fanfic] Lost In The Shire

Piper pored over the scrawls on the oddly drawn map. “Ok! I’m pretty sure it’s just past this way.”

“Right. Uh huh. Just past the green hill that looks like every other green hill,” Mary said as her foot sank into a squishy patch of grass. “For the love of Gandalf!”

Piper tsked. “For someone who grew up in these beautiful pastures, you sure don’t appreciate it.”

“Oh, shut up. Just get us to Uncle’s house. Everyone’s already arrived.”

“We’re practically here. It’s right around-huh.” Piper frowned as she stepped onto more lush green countryside. She unfurled the map, holding it up against the landscape. “I could’ve sworn…”

Stopping behind Piper, Mary glanced at the map, and then did a double-take. “Why is the map upside down?” Mary and Piper stared at each other for a split second before Mary grabbed the parchment and smacked her companion on the head with it. 

“You figwit!” 

A few moments later of examining the now right-side-up map, Mary rolled it up again and marched off silently in the right direction, Piper trotting behind her.

“Uncle’s going to be so surprised at the unexpected party!”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

159 06 June 5th 2016Written for Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge & Sunday Photo Fiction. Word Count: 195.

As soon as I saw this Sunday’s photo prompt, I immediately thought of the Shire and all things Tolkien. Result: this silly Tolkien-inspired story of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings references. Bonus points to whoever spots them all! (There’s about 5-6 references, depending on how specific you want to be.)


27 thoughts on “[LoTR Fanfic] Lost In The Shire

  1. Cute story, Jade. I remember reading about the elf extra everyone liked and who got another part out of it. I don’t know how many times my son has read LOTR’s but it’s got to have been many. He suggested I read Tolkien’s books which I did, and bought me a boxed set of the LOTR’s DVD’s. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. The unfortunate thing is that they are building a cinema complex which will cut my view from this, which does indeed look like something from the Shire. I loved what you did with it. It made me smile.

    As for the references, I may have got all five, although one I am only thinking of because I don’t know the name. Maybe I should check the Encyclopedia of Arda 😉

    Piper and Mary – got to be Pippin and Merry
    “For the love of Gandalf” love it.
    An Unexpected Party – as opposed to an Unexpected Journey
    The title of the Shire
    And “Figwit” – that is the one I am unsure of.

    Great use of them though

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    1. Oh no, that is unfortunate. I think I speak for many when I say we have enough cinema complexes in the world and not enough beautiful Shire-esque land left.

      As for the references, you nailed it!!

      -An Unexpected Party is also a reference to the first chapter in the book, The Hobbit (which is ‘An Unexpected Party’ lol)

      -“Figwit” is a fan name given to an elf in the LOTR movies. It stands for “Frodo is grea…who is that?!”. Fans saw the elf in the background and as a result of the fandom’s fondness for him, the actor, who was originally an extra, got a couple lines of dialogue in Return of The King. Just some movie fun facts that will probably never be useful in my life LOL

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment that made me smile! 🙂

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    1. Yes, sometimes I see a photo prompt and it just strikes my inner fangirl and out come some fanfiction lol. I can’t help what inspires the muse. Thank you as always for reading, Mandi 🙂

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  3. I knew it! I knew it! Mary and Piper stands for Merry and Pippin! There goes Gandalf (of course) and figwit (YAY, elves!). My last guesses are stone-throw away: this looks like a scene from the unexpected journey (hence, the unexpected party?) and is that our uncle Bilbo?

    ~Fun take, Jade! I enjoyed this very much (JRR Tolkien fan here). *winks*
    I was tempted to do the same shire-inspired story but glad I didn’t! You did great! ^^

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    1. You are nailing all these references, Maria!! Yes, Mary and Piper are derived from Merry and Pippin and obviously you got Gandalf and I wasn’t sure if anyone would pick up Figwit, but I love that you did :D! ‘An unexpected party’ is a reference to the first chapter of The Hobbit (which is ‘An Unexpected Party’ LOL).

      Thank you very much for making my day, my fellow LOTR fan 😀

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