[Criminal Minds Fanfic] Head Count

They expected a gruesome sight, but that didn’t prevent their stomachs from churning like they all rode the worst roller-coaster of their lives, the minute Agent Derek Morgan kicked down the suspect’s door.

The smell bombarded their senses, reeking of ripe feces and rotting flesh. Agent Kate Callahan, who was also in the early stages of her pregnancy, bolted to a nearby bush as everything she ate since seemingly the beginning of time, came pouring out.

The crime scene on the suspect’s living room floor was no better. Amputated limbs were strewn around like grotesque Lego blocks, the wooden floor was a sticky mass of blood, and the agents detected what looked like a wayward eyeball and squishy piles of intestines dispersed throughout.

“Head count: missing. Apparently,” Agent David Rossi quipped to the groans of the rest of the team.

“Actually…head count: 1.” Agent Spencer Reid pointed to a skull propped gingerly on a shelf above the desecration. Unlike the rest of the body, the skull had been cleaned of the flesh and painted with intricate artwork.

“We didn’t profile this level of sadism. This changes everything. Guys, let’s get to work.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

161 06 June 19th 2016Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Word Count: 193.

Saw the photo and I immediately envisioned this scene. Question for all my Criminal Minds fans: Who do you think is the speaker of the last line?


41 thoughts on “[Criminal Minds Fanfic] Head Count

    1. Thanks 😀 I take it you’re a Criminal Minds fan? I’m glad you think the characterizations were spot on. That’s the trickiest part about fan fiction, I think, to stay true to the characters.
      P.S. You nailed it! Last line was definitely Hotch 😉


          1. I just posted things here, but honestly…I have no idea how this site works. My work is a bit scattered, honestly. Some is posted on FFN, one on AO3, most on BetterinTexasFiction, but I posted all of it here. I wish I knew how to make my blog all snazzy. Also, I would truly appreciate the follow and feedback.
            (I apologise if this isn’t coherent…I have a toddler using me as a jungle gym and screaming questions at me.)

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          2. WordPress is a pretty user-friendly site, I think, so in time you’ll get the hang of it once you explore a little (and definitely through trial and error!) As for fanfiction, I’m on fanfiction.net too (as JadeMWong). What’s your username on FFN? I’ll gladly follow ^_^

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  1. Great writing, Jade. The gore is why I had to quit watching “Criminal Minds”. I admit it’s a good show and your description is commendable. I know the gore on TV is all the work of professional special effects people but it looks too real for me. 😀 — Suzanne

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    1. I absolutely understand what you’re saying, Suzanne. I gave up a few crime shows because of the gore as well, but unfortunately my heart is too invested in the characters of Criminal Minds to let them go lol. Thank you for the kind comment! I’m flattered that you liked the portrayal of the scene ^_^

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    1. You nailed it!! I was thinking Hotch too. And I’m up to date on it, but I feel like the show hasn’t been the same since Morgan left. Morgan brought a lot of life and humor to the show with his interactions with Garcia and Reid sigh 😦

      Thank you for reading, commenting, and choosing an awesome photo prompt!

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    1. If I hadn’t started watching this show yeeaaarrrsss ago, I’d just catch the odd rerun here and there too. But alas, I signed my fate when I caught the first season on tv so many years ago xD Thanks for the comment, Mandi! I’m glad you liked it ^_^

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  2. You wrote another fanfic! Yaay! Now I wish I’d followed Criminal Minds as I had other series!! Great imagery of the crime scene! 🙂 I wrote fanfic too this time, but I don’t think I pulled it off as I was supposed (my sister was like, this isn’t fanfic!… boo hoo! 😦 ) But I’d just finished watching Arrow and the lines were still swimming in my head, so it ended up bing more of the same rather than something different! I was going to delete it, then just edited it a bit. But still, had fun writing it! 😀

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    1. Ooh Atrrow fanfic you say? I’ll go check it out on your blog asap 😀 and it’s never follow to start following (and get hopelessly addicted to) another show ;D LOL. I’m glad you liked this! When I saw the skull photo, this was the only thing that popped in my head. I just had to write a Criminal Minds fanfic lol


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