[Flash Fiction] My Heaven

“So, um, is it going to hurt?”

“Hurt?” The angel smiled at me like a parent indulging their child’s lackluster joke. “I think the time for pain has passed, dear.”

“Oh, so then, how do we-I mean-” I trailed off as the angel landed in front of a pair of magnificent oak doors with high arches and golden knobs.

“Off you go, now.”

“Go…where? In there? Through the ominous looking doors?”

Still smiling at me like I was a silly child, the angel pushed open the heavy doors with considerably less force than I assumed would be needed. Golden light flicked on and bathed the room in a warm glow. A gasp escaped me as I looked around at grand bookcases nestled next to each other, their shelves stuffed with old favorites and books I’d always wanted to read.

“You always imagined Heaven as one endless library, didn’t you, dear? This is yours.”

© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count: 153

Definitely how I always imagined my Heaven to be like. 

62 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] My Heaven

  1. wow. Sounds like heaven to me–as long as I can go outside and hang with all my characters. Ok well not the ones who might be holding a grudge against me—they should be relegated to somewhere other than heaven 🙂 I love this little story.

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