[Poetry] Extreme Fondness

He was not a man of many words
But he was a man of eloquence
For he meant every word he said
Thought he waxed no poetry nor elegance.

He would never speak the words “I love you”
Love was forbidden for him to say
Instead, he was extremely fond of me
From this day to the end of his days.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Word High July, a month-long blogging event hosted by two awesome bloggers I’m happy to call friendsRosema & Maria

Still in a Game of Thrones state of mind…I always did like the wedding vows.

July 11th’s Word: humaling (n.) Extreme fondness

23 thoughts on “[Poetry] Extreme Fondness

  1. Awww… Another GoT inspired piece! I’m loving it! I wouldn’t mind reading more of them soon. ❤️ As for love story, I still think Daenerys and Drogo were the best. Hehe

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    1. A very loosely inspired piece, this one is. I think the wedding vows in GoT are so simple, but so romantic *sigh*. Daenerys and Drogo are my favorite couple too! (Remember the vision scene where she sees Drogo and their son? Is their son not ridiculously adorable?!) A close second for favorite couple, in my opinion, is Missandei and Grey Worm ❤

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      1. Gaaaah!!! If only, no?! *tears*
        Haha, yeah I find Messandei and Grey Worm’s budding love charming, too. Tyrion and Shae’s would have made my list but Shar just had to… 😭

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  2. This reminded me a great deal of the father in Roald Dahl’s Danny Champion of the World. He never smiled and never spoke words of love but was always a loving person with kind eyes. I haven’t read it in years but think I might have to re-visit it now!

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