[Criminal Minds Fanfic] My Definition of Gorgeous

“I’ll never understand how you chose Brainy Baby Boy Spencer Reid over Hunky Dark Chocolate Derek Morgan.” My sister shook her head as she removed the curlers from my hair.

“Way to objectify, Lyds.”

“I’m just saying,” Lydia continued, running a hand of hair gel through the waves that now cascaded down my back. “Morgan is gorgeous. Like Sculpted Adonis Be-Still-My-Heart-And-His-Fitted-Tshirts gorgeous. Reid…he’s more Puppy Dog Cute, if the puppy dog liked sweater vests and messenger bags.”

I rolled my eyes, but was saved from answering by the doorbell. In my enthusiasm, I rushed to the door and almost ran into it. Taking a moment to smooth out my dress, I gracefully opened the door to find my date standing there.

Spencer Reid looked up from tugging at his skinny tie. His brown hair was tousled in its usual style, and he had his leather messenger bag slung over a dark sweater vest and blazer. Lydia might have preferred Derek Morgan’s tight shirts and muscular biceps, but as I looked at the chic geek nervously tucking a strand of brown curl behind his ear, I knew that Spencer Reid was my definition of gorgeous.

“Hi, you look beautiful,” Spencer said, pausing after leaning in as if trying to remember if kissing the girl’s cheek was something people did before or after the date.

I smiled, kissing his cheek instead. “Thank you, you look very handsome yourself.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Word High July, a month-long blogging event hosted by two awesome bloggers I’m happy to call friends, Rosema & Maria

Taking a break from all the poetry with a little Criminal Minds-inspired story. 

July 22nd’s Word: makisig (adj.) dashing, well-dressed, gorgeous

Did you know? There’s a sequel! 


22 thoughts on “[Criminal Minds Fanfic] My Definition of Gorgeous

  1. Brainy Baby Boy Spencer Reid ❤ Dr. Reid is my all-time favorite TV character and you did an awesome job here. He'll always be gorgeous. BTW he is the reason I watch Criminal Minds.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cute piece of fiction. Yes we all have our own version of attractiveness. A good thing I think, because then there is someone for most people I think, or options of certain someone(s). Enjoyed this Jade. Nice Job.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Girl!!!!!!! You just made a fan of me with this!!! Even though Morgan is hot chocolate and all, Reid is just the right taste of cupcake Vanilla. If only this were real,, and it was me on a date with Reid 😉😉😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

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