The Freelance Olympics — As Illustrated By Jack Sjogren

OLYMPICS! Yes, I am slightly kind of very much into the Olympics right now, which has taken up all my evening TV time (thank the TV lords that all my regularly scheduled programming is currently on hiatus). 

That’s why this series of comics by cartoonist and illustrator Jack Sjogren caught my attention both as an Olympics fan and aspiring writer, and I wanted to spread the fun & humor.

Maybe now, it’s more appropriate to say Happy Monday?

Freelance Olympics by Jack Sjogren 2


Cartoonist and illustrator Jack Sjogren illustrates the challenges of freelancers, one Olympic hurdle at a time – via The Freelance Olympics — Discover

18 thoughts on “The Freelance Olympics — As Illustrated By Jack Sjogren

  1. Thanks for posting and starting the week off with a smile Jade. Here in the UK we still can’t believe we are ahead of China in the medals table. Because of the time difference I’m officially in sleep deprivation 🙂

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          1. Aw did they? Sorry to hear that 😦 The sports I love to watch in no particular order: swimming, gymnastics, badminton and tennis. I don’t mind tuning in for other portions like diving or volleyball and a few others, but I’m not as into it. What about you?

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