[Flash Fiction] Eleven Twenty-Nine


11:29. The hands froze on the worn-out timepiece as he tucked it back into the pocket of his slacks. Time to get to work. In one smooth step, he bounded onto the railing of the rooftop he was lounging on, and jumped off.

The wind caught his unfurled wings and torpedoed him to the heights of the skyscrapers, a dark flying figure that could’ve been a wayward bird to anyone peeking out their windows. The adrenaline of the wind, there was nothing like it.

When he heard the sirens and the screams, he knew he’d arrived. Landing on the roof of a nearby apartment building that overlooked the car crash, he waited. It always took a moment for the souls to realize their bodies were dead.

Eventually, the soul floated out like a shimmering breath being exhaled slowly, confusion clouding its flickering face. A snap of his fingers and it fell asleep. Transporting souls were a lot easier when they weren’t asking him questions.   

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Credit: Louise @ The Storyteller’s Abode

Written for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers. Word count: 165.

This story is also a stand-alone prequel to The Halfway Point


50 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Eleven Twenty-Nine

      1. I was originally thinking of shinigami from Bleach. Haha. BUT yeah, death note could be, too. 😀 I heard they’ll be releasing a new live action for Death Note this year. Too bad, L is no more. 😦

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      1. really? wow I am glad I caught that then, because it sort of stood out with the wings and descent….i have a very vivid imagination and your words just flowed and it was like a scene from a storyboard strip or movie. really good lines.

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  1. I like how he’s has learnt the ropes of the tricks to make his job easier. It’s a bit cold, but it’s not like his kind are known for their friendliness 😛

    Just gonna chime in on the other person’s mention of The Book Thief. Have you read it? It’s a beautiful read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As long as the job gets done and no one gets hurt, er, more hurt than dead, I suppose? LOL.
      As for The Book Thief, I have not read it, but it’s been on my To-Read list for ages. I’m going to have to bump it up since both of you are recommending it!

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