[Harry Potter Fanfic] There You Are

The red and gold leaves crinkled under her talons. Red and gold…that made her think of Gryffindor, which made her think of Harry. Where was he?

Her wings were sore and her claws ached. Ever since the flash of green light separated her from him, she’d been searching all over for her Harry. Surely, he was looking for her too? Why hadn’t he found her yet?

“There you are.”

Her amber eyes swiveled to meet a pair of hazel ones. Harry! Well, it was about time. She stretched out her feathers as she landed gracefully on his outstretched arm. Now that she was close to his face, she noticed how much he had aged. Wait, didn’t Harry have green eyes?

“I think you’ve earned a nice, long rest, Hedwig.” The red-haired woman next to her Harry whispered. Oh, Harry’s eyes! There you are. 

“Thank you for watching over our Harry. Now, we’ll take care of you, Hedwig.”

With her head comfortably tucked under her wing, Hedwig let out a happy chirp and slept.

© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Hedwig’s death absolutely tore my heart out in the books, and I just needed to finally give her a happy ending. *sobs into tissues*.

48 thoughts on “[Harry Potter Fanfic] There You Are

  1. Oh dear, oh dear… Headwig. tears
    It’s heartbreaking but my heart is a bit at ease knowing that Hedwig found the Potters in the afterlife. ❤

    Just, please, let there be no Valdermort there!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. some characters just have our hearts from the start, Hedwig rightfully deserves an alternate ending….lovely job Jade. To think she searched far and wide to find him, still devoted to Harry and the memory of his eyes, thats the connection for me, bittersweet end done nicely.

    Liked by 2 people

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