Re-Introducing Me

For years, I’ve hidden behind the pseudonym of Jade M. Wong and the profile picture of an anime girl. I’ll still be using the pseudonym, but I’m ready to stop hiding.

To my blogging friends, my readers, and the whole wide world, are you listening? Can you see me? I’m re-introducing myself.

Gah! It’s me! *Peeks through fingers*. All Criminal-Minds-esque bad guys, please exit the way you came. I’d really prefer not to be a victim in one of Garcia’s case briefings.

Of all the pseudonyms in the world, why Jade M. Wong?

Because it’s a combination of my Real Name (Mei Wong) and “Jade” – a stone symbolizing wisdom, clarity, and balance – my reminder to be better. Jade M. Wong is both who I am and who I strive to be.

But why the photo?

When I first started sharing my stories and poetry, I didn’t want anyone judging my work based on how I looked. I didn’t realize it then, but I know now that part of me was also afraid – afraid to own my writing, to put up big neon signs that said “This is me. These are my words. We are one and the same.”

Well, consider my new profile photo my version of a big neon sign. This is me, everyone. These are my words. We are one and the same. And I’m still afraid – terrified, actually. My face is out there in the big, bad world! – but I’m also ready to finally own my writing.

Which takes me to the new and improved blog. New theme, new photos, and new organization. This blog will be my safe zone as I trek into the unfamiliar terrain of publishing and writing professionally. I’m hoping this blog, along with myself, will grow into something more. 



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