[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano

They believed the volcano to be extinct. They thought it was harmless, and welcomed the building of a city beneath it and the planting of crops on the fertile red volcanic soil.   

The day they heard the low drumming, steady and rhythmic under their feet, they wondered if they should leave their city.

“But the volcano will not erupt,” they reassured each other.

And they were right. The volcano didn’t erupt. It did something worse.

The day the drumming got louder was the day the earth cracked open, emitting pink, fluorescent light that grabbed at their flesh and sucked the life out of their breaths. The entire city floated in the air, frozen in time, and then with a final note, the bodies disintegrated, the dust settling back on the soil.

When silence fell on the city, all that remained was a crimson layer of ash, the key to the soil’s fertility, and the volcano they thought was harmless.

© Jade M. Wong

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks PJ for choosing my photo for the prompt this week!

60 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] The Harmless Volcano

  1. I always crack up when I see the tagline for the comment..heehee..yes no eavesdropping 😀
    And Jade, one minute you are wrenching our hearts in pain and the next minute making it shrivel in fear :\ Now I will think twice before I plan any volcano visit in Hawaii 😛 So proud of you dear ❤

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  2. You get serious points for this because the ending totally surprised me. I knew there’d be an eruption, and I knew everyone was going to die… but for this to be a Sci-Fi Entity Volcano with levitation and life energy absorbing powers that destroys anything that lives near it for it for too long? That’s pretty awesome.

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  3. Wow such creativity! Worse than a volcanoes exploding, one that has a pink light/jewel sucking the life out of everyone for fertility of land. At least in an eruption, you have some chance of survival. Great take!

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  4. A great piece of descriptive writing, Jade, from the moment you describe the planting of crops on the fertile red volcanic soil right through to the end. The description of the eruption of that strange volcano and its effects on the people and land is excellent. I’d say the people definitely underestimated the destructive power of this one! 🙂

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