[Flash Fiction] Cupid’s Park

I fell so deeply for you, my love,
For you were my angel, sent from above.

A couplet adorned the entrance, inviting visitors to Cupid’s Park. Bright green vines hugged the stone pillars on either side. Winding paths and arching trees presented vibrant roses with colors so striking, everyone whispered of magic.

“Don’t be silly,” they laughed at each other, dismissing the notion of magic like proper adults.

I always found grown-up humans so peculiar. As children, they easily saw the magic around them, but the more grown they got, the more blind they became.

Take love, for example. Magic was entwined with love in every way, and yet, the humans believed in love, but not in magic? Not even when they admired my impossibly radiant roses, one rose for every true love I helped bring together.

I dread to see the day the humans stop believing in love too.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Photo: A Storyteller’s Abode

Written for Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers & Day 16 of OctPoWriMo – In Depth. Word Count: 151. 


37 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Cupid’s Park

          1. True but I wanted to do the writing prompts as well. They push me into writing about real life or at least stories set in this world instead of my fantasy realm. 🙂 Left to my own devices, I always default to writing about people and places in my worlds.

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  1. “As children, they easily saw the magic around them, but the more grown they got, the more blind they became.”

    This, my dear, is both a poignant and heartwarming story. The perspective you used is unique. And your wise words about magic and love is so true. The agony of the last line is vividly described too. GREAT job! ❤

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  2. Well done Jade. I had to laugh for your main point is saying from Alice and Wonderland, I’m using in my book too. Basically, it reads: people always expect magical things to happen yet they don’t believe in magic. How can you expect say love? If you don’t believe it’s magic too.

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  3. What a charming story, well done Jade! 🙂 The last sentence made me think. I suppose it is possible that if we humans someday can explain what love is, scientifically, it could drain all the wonder from it, too.

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