[Flash Fiction] Almost Lovers

Her feet were dangling over the side of the bridge, tapping the sturdy bricks to a tune only she could hear. An intricate braid hung down her back, strands of black interwoven with lilac. She wore a lavender dress with lacy hems that flowed to her knees and accentuated the color in her hair.

She was a violet vision and I couldn’t look away.

All at once, I saw our future bloom in my mind. Her giggling over Saturday morning pancakes as I dab maple syrup on her nose. Love notes tucked in her lunch to surprise her during work. Maybe she was a beloved teacher at a nearby elementary school. Or maybe she was a professional artist who kept her personal life quiet.

I made the decision to introduce myself right before I watched her stand up and step off the bridge, breaking the surface of the water, purple colliding with blue.

It would be her serene face framed by lilac bangs that appeared in my dreams for years after. If I only decided to introduce myself a second earlier, could I have saved my almost lover?

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Photo Credit: Joy Pixley

 Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and Day 1 of November Notes: Almost Lovers. I went slightly over the word count though (by about ten words), sigh. 

You know the saying, when one challenge closes, another one opens (or something like that). November Notes, here we go!

49 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Almost Lovers

  1. Well written Jade. Her interesting character description by the guy really helps to drive home the losss when she jumped. The guy blames himself, but you don’t know what people are thinking. Best not to torture yourself that way, but it’s hard I know.

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  2. we always act too late and then regret is the heaviest price we pay for our cowardice, really loved how you started with an upbeat feel and then slowly let us down and feel the tragedy of a broken life – awesome as always Jade!

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  3. You caught me off guard!! 😥 Oh dear, Jade… this is splendidly written but really heartbreaking. What a way to start you November Notes entry. tears

    BUT anyway, happy to be reading your posts again. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thanks Maria!! I can’t help it, the ending is what popped into my head as soon as I saw the photo prompt and it coincidentally worked with November Notes. The muse must get what it wants :/

      Glad you liked the story, dear! ^_^


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