You: So, let me guess, you finally heard from the magazines you submitted work to earlier this year?

Me: Yup.

You: Hmm. Judging from the fact that you’re not hyperventilating in excitement, I take it the news is not good?

Me: Nope.

You: Wait, the news is good?

Me: Nope.

You: Uh-huh…can you dig a little deeper in your vast repertoire of the English language? It would make this conversation go a little faster.

Me*sighs again* I submitted a short story and a poem to two different magazines. They were small magazines, but I thought it would be a good start, you know? Get my work published, build a Writer’s Resume, that sort of thing.

You: Right, and what did the magazines say?

Me: …Rejected. Both of them.

You: Oh Jade, I’m sorry, but they’re only two magazines in a gigantic ocean of publishing opportunities.

Me: I know, but it still…I mean, I thought I prepared myself for the rejection, but it still…hurts. And I couldn’t help but wonder if my work was as good as I thought it was.

You: Jade, you can’t define your worth based on the opinions of two people, or two magazines. Eventually, you’ll find people who read your work and feel every word of it. Aren’t those the types of people you want to have publish your work anyway? Isn’t that the kind of audience, the kind of market you want to have?

Me: Yes, of course, but there’s no market for a writer who can’t get published.

You: Wrong. There’s no market for a writer who gives up.


38 thoughts on “Rejections

  1. “There’s no market for a writer who gives up.”
    Wise. Wise words. I just want to stand up and give you a round of applause. ❤ ❤ ❤

    And my dear Jade. Rejection hurts. Badly. Sadly. Painfully. But I am happy because rejections will make you better. Better in writing and better in believing yourself. 🙂 You are wise. This piece shows how wise you are!!!

    And for what’s it’s worth, I LOVE how you write. Whatever reasons those publishers are! Okay?

    Hold you head high my dear Jade! ❤ ❤ ❤ Write on!!! Prove them wrong!! (Okay, I am becoming a rallyist now. haha)

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    1. Aww thank you Rosema. I like you being a rallyist! Haha. And you are right, I will continue to be better and to grow and one day I’ll see my name in print :D! Thank you for your love and support my friend. It means the world ❤

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  2. Hey, my dear, awesome Jade.. keep on writing. Life and circumstances will always open and close doors at us, there’s no way around it. I.. we.. believe that you can realize those dreams. Never give up, Jade. ❤ Remember, even JK Rowling got turned down. And what did she say?

    “I had nothing to lose and sometimes that makes you brave enough to try.”

    Hugs and kisses! ❤

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  3. rejection hurts, no two ways about it but it can either mobilise or immobilise you, if it freezes you wait till the frost melts and then write again, you have a wealth of imagination in your stories and you pen it so gracefully, but you say there so many writers out there, its because different writing pushes different buttons, don’t stop Jade, don’t keep your stories from the world!

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    1. Thank you for the encouraging words Gina! They help me so much more than you know ❤ I promise not to let the rejection immobilize and to continue sharing my words with the world. I hope you’ll continue to be around as well 🙂

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  4. I have submitted three different pieces in the last few months (two on travel and one on a poetry workshop) and have not heard a word except for my blog post submission on the poetry workshop. My travel pieces were sent to two local newspapers and my blog submission to a non-profit organization that hosted the poetry workshop. I’m glad I tried and I’m hopeful that these submissions will find their way, thank you for sharing your thoughts, I know that I’m not alone! It would be lovely to read your words in a magazine or two!

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    1. It is helpful and encouraging to know we’re not alone. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 Please don’t give up hope either. I look forward to seeing your work spread as well! I’m also glad I tried. Eventually, we’ll get to where we want to be!

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  5. Actually there’s no market until you build one. You need to do what I’m doing, build your platform (i.e email list of fans) then you take your creativity to your market. Publishers want writers who already have readers. So don’t give up! Your writing isn’t the problem. I love your writing!

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    1. Aww thank you Mel ❤ You’re absolutely right: we have to build our own readership and publishers do want writers who already have readers. I don’t think the email newsletter is the next step for me just yet, but I’ll definitely focus more on the readership 🙂 I appreciate the support more than you know, my friend! Thank you!

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      1. You’re welcome, always. I’m curious, how will you focus on your readership with an email list? I ask because I’ve listened to a ton of webinars and authors and when speak about building a market, they talk about building an email list. How will you build your market without one? I’m struggling to build this all-important email list/market.

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        1. The email newsletter definitely makes sense once I have a product like a book to offer my readers. As of now, I don’t think it really makes sense. I’m planning on focusing on my blog and building a community of loyal readers. It’ll be a good start for me I think. But ultimately, you would know better since you’ve actually done research into it.

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