[Supernatural Fanfic] Brokenhearted…Literally (Part 2)

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“A demon and a cupid walk into a motel.”

“Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke,” Dean Winchester said, rather calmly considering he was tied to a chair. 

The woman in front of him responded with a sweet smile and continued her story. “To anyone watching, they’re the perfect strangers. The demon carries a personally made bullet. The cupid carries a gun.”

“Yeah, about that, your special bullet leaves a lot of sulfur behind. Sulfur equals demons,” Dean said, enunciating his words as if he were talking to a three-year-old. “You’re not the brightest in the bunch, are you?”

“Shoot him.”

Dean heard the bang a split second before the bullet pierced his chest. His vision flashed black and his whole body went numb. Blood gushed down his leather jacket, staining everything it touched. 

His mind hazy, Dean barely registered the door being kicked off its hinges or the two men rushing into the room like soldiers on a mission. The next thing Dean knew, he felt fingers on his forehead and tingling in his fingers and toes. His blood had clotted and his wound had closed.

“Dean, are you okay?” 

Before he could reply, a scream redirected his attention to the two dead bodies now on the floor, and his brother pulling a silver blade from the chest of the demon.

“Dean? Can you hear us? Can you say something?” 

Turning his attention back to the man who healed him, Dean managed to say one sentence. 

“Took you guys long enough.”

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for November Notes: Day 8 – Perfect Strangers and Day 9 – Cupid Carries A Gun, hosted by the lovely Sarah and the wonderful Rosema.

I’m behind on November Notes, as is my way with blogging events, but I am catching up. I’ll also be catching up on your posts, so be on the lookout for a plethora of comments from me.

Hope everyone’s doing well! 

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