[Poetry] The Empty Room

Sometimes, we’ll do everything we can not to see the signs.
They can be flashing neon, but we’ll still choose to be blind.

Sometimes, we’ll refuse to hear the voices in our heads.
They can be loud and shrill, but we’ll tune them out instead.

Well, we ignored the signs and we ignored the voices,
And now we’re living with our choices.
He and I thought we would be happy,
But now the room is just empty.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for November Notes: Day 13 – Shell Suite, hosted by the lovely Sarah and the wonderful Rosema.  

Muse: Why did I get stuck with a writer human who is always late? We’re a whole week behind on the prompts!

Me: *Stands and stretches* We’re only 5 days behind.

Muse: What do you think you’re doing?

Me: Um…taking a break?

Muse: Am I taking a break?

Me: …Yes?

Muse: No! I am not taking a break because inspiration does not rest and quite frankly, I’m offended you’re taking a break when I’m working my butt off!

Me: But-

Muse: Sit. Down. 

Me: *Promptly obeys*


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