[Flash Fiction] Fame, Fortune, and Empty Hearts

“But why me?” The words hovered over them, each letter holding its breath for his response.

He sat across from her at her kitchen counter, dressed incognito as always. His black sweatshirt covered his tattoos and the hood covered his platinum blond hair. Where did he begin to find his own words to answer her?

His phone beeped and they both glanced at the text message from his manager reminding him of rehearsals. Right now, the other members of his band were on their way to the concert venue. They would pass a line of fans that snaked down the block and around the corner from the big music hall.

Fans that held up signs promising their devotion and love for the band. Fans that chased away all the chances of real love he and the other members had. The band had long resigned themselves to their life of fame, fortune, and empty hearts.

She shifted in her seat and he caught her gaze. His staff called him crazy and his fans called him blind, but as her dark eyes peered into his and he saw flashes of a different future, one where love was more than an idea he sang about, he had to wonder: was that not worth risking it all?

© Jade M. Wong 2016



13 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Fame, Fortune, and Empty Hearts

  1. hi jade as you know WP has been really very hard on me lately so i am not sure if i am showing up in your reader because you don’t.

    in case i dont please check out i have been participating in this challenge..

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