The Muse Takes Over (aka The Sunshine Blogger Award)

For ME?


From one Sunshine Blogger to another, I thank you kindly, Angela Campbell!

Also, apparently, there are questions.

1) What inspired you to initiate blogging?

Muse: *click clacks on my laptop* Writer human! What is this WordPress that other writer humans are frequenting?

Me: It’s a blogging thing. You create a blog, you share writing, you get feedback. Why?

Muse: No reason. Do you prefer Jade Wong as your pseudonym or Jade M. Wong?

Me: M. We talked about that, didn’t-

Muse: DONE!

Me: What? What’s done? What did you do?

Muse: First post hmm…I think I’ll title it Shine


2) What is the craziest experience of your life?

Muse: The day I introduced myself to her in all my little fairy glory and she just about fainted from shock.

Me: I did not faint-!

Muse: Next question!

3) What kind of blogs do you enjoy reading?

Muse: The kind of blogs I recommend to her.

4) Are you an emotional person?


5) Do you believe in love at first sight?

Muse: Of course she does. She loved me as soon as she saw me.

6) The best place you have visited?

Me: Hogwarts. It always welcomes me home.

7) Who is your role model?

Me*covers muse’s mouth* Writing-wise, J.K. Rowling is my biggest inspiration. 

Muse: Mnfg!

8) What do you love doing the most?

 Me: This is a boring answer, but I feel absolutely at peace when I’m writing.

Muse: As you should! 

9) What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Me: Publishing posts regularly. My blogging has a bad habit of taking sporadic breaks.

Muse: Because you’re horrendous at time-management, you’re a lazy couch potato-mnnf!

Me*covers muse’s mouth* Last question!

10) What is your favorite movie?


Me: Couch Potato DNA + Netflix = Way too many favorite movies

I think after the questions, the rules say to nominate other bloggers and ask questions…how about I just make this an open tag and if you’d like to award yourself the Sunshine Blogger Award, then go for it! Feel free to use the same questions I answered above. No rule says we can’t, right? 

Muse: See, I told you, you’re lazy-mnnf! 

Me*covers muse’s mouth*


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