[Poetry] What We Could Be

He could be the reason I learn to love mornings,
The way the sun plays with the shadows,
The way he smiles when I open my eyes.

I could be the reason he stays up all night,
The way the moon lights up our dance floor,
The way we laugh until sunrise.

We could be each other’s first,
First love that endures past tomorrow.
We could be the happy ending,
But now we’ll never know.

© Jade M. Wong 2016

Written for Monday Morning Melts #5.


Does your soul need a little tickle? Does your Monday need a little brightening up? Won’t you join us then in Monday Morning Melts, a new weekly feature hosted by myself and the beautifully talented Rosema?

Creating a new post for the prompt is optional, but sharing is always encouraged. Let’s melt a few hearts.


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