Monday Morning Melts Is Saying Goodbye

A message from Rosema & myself…

Jade: Hello fellow bloggers, struggling humans, and friends! First off, a happy new year to you all!

Rosema: Some of you may have started 2017 ready for our next Monday Morning Melts Prompt, and noticed that there were none.

Jade: Rosema & I came to the difficult conclusion over the holidays that we will not be continuing our Monday Morning Melts event. The reason for that is because we both are having trouble juggling our respective Real Life Responsibilities *shakes fists in vain*.

Rosema: It is with a heavy heart we accept that real life (ehem, work) comes first. In as much as we love sharing you songs which touched our hearts and read how they inspire you, we cannot keep on sharing but not be present enough to read you all. ❤

Jade: If there is anyone who would like to pick up Monday Morning Melts and host it themselves, please feel free to do so! We’ll do our best to participate as much as we can.

Rosema: Nonetheless, we enjoyed this sooooo much and we will never know! Maybe we can be back someday, sooner or later!

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