Mandibelle’s Interview With Jade M. Wong

Honored to have been featured on Mandi’s interview series. Mandi is one of the first bloggers I met through WordPress and more than a year later, she remains someone I consider a friend and a talented writer in her own right!


Welcome back to my biweekly interview series. I hope you all had an amazing holidayand I would like to start the New Year off right with an interview from the sweet and gifted Jade M. Wong. Her blog is called: Jade M. Wong – Writer At Heart. Fangirl by DNA. Struggling Human Until Further Notice.

jade-m-wong Jade M. Wong

1. Jade, Please Tell Us About Yourself?

I’m a New York City girl named Jade M. Wong. In short, I’m a writer in my heart, a fan-girl by DNA, and a struggling human until further notice. I’m often up until 4:00 am at night battling inconvenient words and fantastical stories. If  I were a gazillionaire, I wouldn’t buy a mansion, but a cozy apartment in every city I love. In the meantime, I make do with cozy corners across the internet-sphere.

2. When Did You Start Writing and Blogging and…

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17 thoughts on “Mandibelle’s Interview With Jade M. Wong

  1. Great interview ladies! Jade, your words are inspiring. Thank you for the reminder that most writing is done in those seconds we steal between tasks. Every time someone asks me when the next book is coming out I can’t say because I’m writing it in between responsibilities.

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    1. No worries! I’m still playing catch up with everyone’s posts. There’s just not enough hours in a day. Or maybe I’m spending these hours wrong. I honestly don’t know anymore, but my muse is very upset with me lol

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          1. I understand that. I really hope one day you and I and all our talented aspiring writer friends can spend our days fulfilling our passions and actually get paid decently for it! As long as you keep plugging away, even a baby step forward is still a step forward 🙂

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