[Flash Fiction] Light

When she was born, much too early and wrapped in pink, a tiny teddy bear the color of chocolate followed her home.

A reminder that she was a fighter from the beginning.

When she was thirteen, an acne-riddled girl with her first broken heart, a chubby tan teddy bear waited for her on her bed.

A reminder that she was always loved.

When she was eighteen, looking at the world through her grown-up eyes and trying to figure out where she fit, a teddy bear as white as a blank slate joined the family.

A reminder that she could be anything she wanted.

When she was twenty-five, the family sat on her messy bed, huddled against each other.

A reminder that not all fights can be won. 

When her daughter was born, much too early and wrapped in pink, she was protected by a teddy bear family.

A reminder that the brightest light can only shine in the dark.

© Jade M. Wong 2017

Photo Credit: A Mixed Bag

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.

37 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Light

      1. Thank you 🙂 They were a family that were on offer a few years ago. You brought the baby, then two weeks later, the mum was on sale for 50% if you had proof of purchase, and then the following two weeks, the biggest one was 66% off if you had proof of having the other two, making them all the same price. The first was quite expensive, but when I looked at the big picture, it was worth it. Rather than about £120 for all three, it was £60.

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  1. Her landmarks and milestones in life. That’s a beautiful story Jade. And each word brings with it such imagery. And each bear was the right colour and shape to fir into the hollows of her period in life. You used the photo to perfection.

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