[Criminal Minds Fanfic] Inevitable

The chalice lay toppled on the shelf, its contents dripping onto the desecrated crime scene. Crumpled in a heap below was the unsub, the white frothing at his mouth a stark contrast to the crimson pool in which he lay.

Floating in a perfect circle around him were the bones of his latest victim, bobbing in and out of the blood like rotten apples.

Agent Derek Morgan looked at the crime scene in disgust. “We should’ve gotten here quicker.”

“This was only going to end one way for the unsub. No matter what it took, he was going to finish his ritual.” Agent David Rossi patted his fellow agent’s shoulder. “We were close, Morgan.”

“And next time, we’ll be better.” Agent Aaron Hotchner addressed the desolate faces of his team. “Come on, everyone, let’s go home. You’ve all earned a weekend off.”

As they shuffled out, Agent Spencer Reid watched the forensics team collect the chalice the unsub had fashioned from his victim’s skull and spinal cord. This would be a case the team never forgot.

© Jade M. Wong 2017

190-01-january-15th-2017Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.

Also a sequel to Criminal Minds Fanfiction: Head Count. The photo prompts were so similar, my muse couldn’t help but connect the two.




27 thoughts on “[Criminal Minds Fanfic] Inevitable

    1. Hehe, Criminal Minds fans reunite! XD

      I did hear yes, and the recent eps have been lackluster without Hotchner or Morgan…and Spencer’s taken a bit of break as well “to visit his mother”. SIGH.


  1. Every time I see a CM fan fiction, I go nuts. It’s the only show I love (thanks to Dr. Reid!). I enjoy this piece and I love how you captured the characters.

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    1. I always love it when a reader isn’t a fan of the tv show, but can understand and enjoy the fanfiction regardless 😀 Glad the crime scene was so vivid to you 😉

      Happy to see you roaming WordPress again, TUS!


  2. You managed to capture their characters so well in your little spin Jade! that’s your talent! you absorb all you see and bring it out in a fashion so different yet its reminds me of the actual series. And I imagine they would do just that. One series that stands out even after all these years, I remember some really gruesome episodes. One about the shoes this guy keeps of all his victims, chilling. Love how you incorporated the photo fiction prompt and blended these guys into your story. Well written.

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    1. Aww Gina, thank you! I’m glad you found the characters true to their tv show counterparts ^_^ I agree, some of their episodes have been really gruesome, and I like how the series as a whole tries to do a balance of gruesome episodes, heartwarming character-centric arcs, thrilling eps, etc.

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      1. And it came across well! I think you have such a deep connection with the show and the characters are admittedly very different and separate characters. I used to watch them with my ex and some days the subject matter would get too close for comfort and it affected me deeply and he would laugh about my feelings and so after awhile I stopped watching. But I loved the characters a lot especially Hotchner, quiet and steady, yet something seemed to be strangling him under that tight collar. Love all your fan fic!

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        1. I completely understand what you’re saying about the characters. I love how each has their own distinct personality and together, they really are a family, learning to compromise and get along and how one’s person’s strength is another’s person’s weakness. I also agree, some episodes hit very close to home, but what’s the point of watching a tv show if it doesn’t move us in some way, right? If you ever pick it up again and need someone to talk about the show with, I’m your girl 😉

          Spencer was always my favorite from day 1, but Hotchner is irreplaceable too.

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          1. thank you for this Jade, the offer of a friendly ear, at this point in my life it’s like you are offering me gold and diamonds on a silver platter. I will take you up on that offer though maybe not so near future, but I will for sure. It was a series that I would eagerly wait for before we had playback services and I could only watch it that one time only. I liked Spencer too but I get hot and bothered with a sullen moody man, ahhhh….that’s me always falling for the wrong man! Talking about the different characters I liked it that they had strong female personalities but each with flaws we could identify with. I would be Garcia I guess, always hiding in the background but needing colour in a dark world. I identified a lot with her. Hope you have a lovely day, as i wind down mine. My sister who has just moved to New Jersey is finally settling in so I may make a trip to her some time soon – though I hate the long flights. feeling a bit of restlessness lately which I think travel will cure. Be blessed always my sweet friend.

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          2. Garcia was and still is my favorite character too! I felt like I related most to her, her need for color and her vibrant personality are some of my favorite things about her.

            Don’t worry about always falling for the wrong kind of man. That’s how we learn what’s good for us and what’s not. And each heartbreak I believe makes us stronger and closer to the person we want to be and person we want to be with ❤

            New Jersey is right next door! If you feel like making the jump over to NYC when you come visit your sister, I’d be happy to meet up and show you around 😀 Stay safe, and stay healthy, my friend!

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          3. She was a wild and colorful one alright and not just her clothes! I wish i could be more like her in real life. Haha this heart is all stitched and sewn up and impenetrable now, but yes I learnt a lot about myself through the relationships I have had and not necessarily the romantic kind, each one helped me realise what’s good or bad for me. Just next door you say? Well I will have to seriously consider the trip then and if by chance you could be available it would be an honour to meet you in person. You too be good to yourself and keep the fire burning even when days gets too dreary! It’s almost midnight as I like to say ” the witch has to sleep” – that’s me by the way! Love you!

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