Magic in Manhattan


Can you feel it?
In every breath
That exhales into laughter
Like fairy dust, it’s just as rare.

Can you feel it?
In the way the stars
Shine a little brighter
There’s a hint of magic in the air.

© Jade M. Wong

This past Christmas, the best friend and I took a huge step OUT of the house and ended up in Herald Square, Manhattan, aka a major shopping hub with a gigantic Macy’s in the center. Every year, Macy’s unveils holiday window displays. The best friend snapped a couple of our favorites. 

Bonus Fact about the magic-themed display: it was actually an animation! Aside from the polar bear, the display also had a bunny, an owl, and other animals. If we weren’t being squashed like sardines while taking that photo, we might have attempted a video. 



Stopped by Bryant Park to check out their holiday fair, found the most delicious truffle chocolate booth, and wrapped up the night at the Christmas Tree.

Even though the holidays are over now and we’re in a new year, I hope the magic is still in the air for everyone. 

P.S. All these photos are taken by the best friend

Hanging Out With Life is a little something new to my blog.

Because every fangirl needs to step away from the computer and into the sun – AHH IT BLINDS US! – or so they say.

Also introducing the best friend! After all, blinking furiously at the sun is more fun with some company.

26 thoughts on “Magic in Manhattan

  1. Lovely piece Jade. I know you speak of Christmas in this poem. But it also just made me think of times ou feel amazing and just great, often when you’re out with friends. And you don’t know why put you feel wonderful and the night is so memorable. Sounds like you had some fun time over Christmas 🙂

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  2. Huh now I wish I had hopped a train into the city. It looks like I missed out on all the magic. That’s one of the things I miss about working in the city, seeing the storefronts and walking around the streets of midtown at Christmastime. I love or peom. It captures the magic electrifying the city during that most wonderful time of the year!

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  3. Lovely sharing Jade and that you also got to share it with someone special to you – marvelous! I feel that the feeling was intensified because of the person you were with, some people just make colours brighter for us. Oh! I would love to see all this at Christmas – twinkly lights are another a friend to me!

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  4. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing a little piece of Manhattan Magic with us. Alas, my social media credentials are too poor to allow me to stalk your BFF, but I can appreciate the pictures on here. Sadly, Christmas seems a million years in the past. Work attempts to crush what little magic still lingers, so I try and make my own at the weekends.

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    1. Aww thanks! I figured a little magic is never a bad thing. I agree, Christmas seems like an eternity ago, and work does have that uncanny ability to squash any magic that lingers. But you have my best wishes, TUS. I hope you will have a wonderful weekend to get ready for what’s to come 🙂

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