[Flash Fiction] The Perfect Son-In-Law

He fidgeted in his red knit sweater and smoothed down his dark hair. “How do I look? Do I look okay?”

“For the hundredth time, you look like the perfect son-in-law.” She stood on her toes, tugged on the red cotton, forcing him to lean down, and kissed him gently on the cheek. “How are you so tall?”

“That’s it, I can’t do this!” He wriggled out of her embrace and began to pace in front of her parents’ house. The red lanterns hanging along the entrance swung with him. “Your parents are going to say I’m too tall for you, too old for you, and I’m not even Chinese! They’re going to hate me.”

After a couple stifled spurts of laughter, she burst into giggles to the unamused stare of her boyfriend.

“Oh no, don’t mind me, I’m just having a panic attack over here.”

Reaching for his hand, she entwined her fingers with his. “I think you’re the perfect son-in-law.”

“Enlighten me, why?”

“Because I love you. Now, let’s meet my parents.”

© Jade M. Wong 2017

 Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Word Count: 174.

Photo prompt provided by my dear friend, Gina, and right on time for Lunar New Year celebrations this weekend! Decided to go with a sweet tale. The celebrations tend to bring out the hopeless romantic in me. 

40 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] The Perfect Son-In-Law

  1. That’s adorable! Reminded me of the time my friend was brought to her soon-to-be in-laws home. She kept panicking about it over text – luckily, they loved her.

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  2. Aw, she’s right — her loving him is half the requirement! (Him loving her back being the other half.) Cute story, and well-written, as it made me squirm from his anxiety. Meeting your new in-laws is nerve-wracking for anyone!

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  3. Adorable story Jade! I can tell he is very nervous about meeting her parents but she is very good about reassuring him. I thought I would remind you to link up your story to the InLinkz Story Board so more people can read your story.

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  4. oh this was so sweet i was smiling all the way – reminds me of when my daughter’s boyfriend came to make his intentions known – a masculine guy usually very confident so worried about being accepted into a different culture. He was just like this, sweet and so eager to be perfect for her. I am melting under your warm words. Thanks for giving such life to the photo.

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