[Writer’s Quote Wednesday] Whispers At Midnight

You are my life and my death.
And I like you.
Thus, I keep this secret
And ask Heaven for permission.
May you not know for one more day.
May you not know for 100 years more.



I have a secret I will not speak of
Except in whispers at midnight
When the world is a shadow
That turns a deaf ear
And the star-studded sky is my light.

Before the sun meets the stars
I ask the Heavens this-
May he not know for one more day
How my heart has loved him by his side
And how I dream of his kiss.

© Jade M. Wong 2017

It starts with a quote, but where it ends…that’s the surprising part.

Originally an event hosted by a fellow blogger friend, Writer’s Quote Wednesday was discontinued. However, I missed this weekly dose of inspiration so much, I decided to continue it on my own.

This week’s Quote is taken from a Korean drama called “Goblin”. The gorgeous cinematography, captivating storytelling, and phenomenal acting aside, the poetry in this drama takes my breath away!

If there are any fans out there who are currently experiencing withdrawal because the drama just ended, please raise your hand. I’m in need of a fellow drama lover to fangirl with!

Here’s a trailer for anyone interested.

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