[Flash Fiction] Collide

What happens when a beat-up old truck runs over a giant plastic heart?


“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” He struggled with the red door of his truck, cursing its rusted hinges.

“I’m okay! But my heart’s broken.”

“Your what?” After resorting to a furious kick to open the door, he rushed to the front of his car where a blonde-haired girl was brushing some gravel off her jeans. She pointed to a red plastic heart, broken and trapped under the front wheels of his truck.

“How do you propose we fix my heart?”


What happens…is love.

© Jade M. Wong

Haven’t done a double prompt combo in some time, but these two photos just sparked a light bulb. Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, and for 100 Word Wednesday: Week 5

36 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Collide

  1. What a surprisingly sweet perspective! It could have totally gone another way 😉 I’m so happy that you’re challenging yourself and using multiple challenges in your writing!! I’ve tried it a couple times, but I often end up writing two instead of one 😉 Thank you for a cheerful tale ❤

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  2. I love how you not only kept a light tone with this piece, but also carried so much life and possibilities in the characters. There’s a whole lot waiting to be said. You hooked me in and left me wanting to read more. Great job with this prompt!

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  3. oh you have such imagination and romance just oozes out of every pore! this is the sweetest story I have read, ever – he cared enough to look – when she said – my heart is broke, that melted mine – i am going to remember this story – and it is going to inspire me for something else – wish we could coffee together Jade – its like I am missing my high school friend. Take care dear!

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    • Awww gosh, thank you ❤ Your words never fail to bring a big silly smile to my face. If this story does inspire something for you, don’t forget to send me a link! I’ll be the first to read and love your work! I too wish we could grab a cup of tea or lunch or something together. Until that day comes, we shall always have our cozy WordPress corners 🙂

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      • I would send iy to you immediately – when the inspiration has time to settle – I feel I am in a whirlwind these days. Yes coffee/tea/whatever with you sounds an amazing deal. Like having you in my cosy corners. Thank you for always bringing sunshine into my days!

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