Spontaneous Staycation

You: Where have you BEEN? Your blog’s been empty for over a week, no note, no posts!

Me: I know, I kind of disappeared—

You: You could’ve DIED, and I wouldn’t have known! 

Me: Or I could’ve gone on vacation, but hey, tomato, tomahto, right?

You: I don’t remember you saying you had vacation plans.

Me: It was kind of spontaneous, actually. I’ve been working so much that life’s just been moving around me. I needed a break. And sleep.

You: Did you go anywhere?

Me: Yes and no. I stayed in NYC—it was a staycation—but I met up with old friends, and I also met someone from WordPress for the first time!

You: What! Who?

Me: The awesome and talented Melinda Kuscera. We became friends through WordPress over the past year and recently realized that we both lived near each other. So we set a time to meet at Grand Central Station and spent an entire afternoon talking. We didn’t even notice the time pass.

YouDid you do anything else on your staycation?

Me: I did. I revisited some old favorites, and I crossed something off my bucket list: I finally rode the ferry to Staten Island! The skies were blue, the wind was in my hair, and I’ve got some gorgeous photos I’m putting together for a Hanging Out With Life post later this week. 

You: It sounds like a week well-spent.

Me: It really was. I know I went MIA here, but I was still active on my Twitter and Instagram. My muse has been annoyed with me though, taking a week off from writing and all. 

You: Does that mean you and your muse will be catching up on a lot of writing this week?

Me: A lot…and then some!


20 thoughts on “Spontaneous Staycation

  1. Oh wow!! Jade, I’m so happy you and Melinda finally met. Pictures please!! ❤ If only we all could meet, right? Sigh. AND although we are missing you more often here in blogosphere (I just got back myself), it’s a delight to know you’re having fun. Looking forward to your comeback and that Hanging Out With Life post! Kisses!

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    1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of my and Melinda’s meeting. We were both so excited to meet each other that we just sat and chatted and time got away with us. I forgot to take photos! But the next time I meet her, I will definitely remember ^_^ My photos are of my Staten Island day. Hope you enjoy them!

      I hope one day I can meet you too dear Maria! If you are ever in NYC, you absolutely have to let me know, and if I am ever in the Philippines, I’ll be sure to do the same ❤

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      1. Awweee that just shows it’s a time well spent dear. ❤ I always love a conversation without having the urge to take pictures anytime. But! Okay, we can wait for your next meet up. 😘
        We’ll surely enjoy you Staten Island and thanks for sharing them to us. Crossing mu fingers for that NYC trip!!! And yes, let me know if you ever happen to visit PH. 🍻

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  2. Oohhh it thrilled me to know you actually met Melinda….like…wow!..wow because she’s really a greay blogger and wow becauese you have defied what other people about bloggings…some said…”its a useless connection you’ll never ever gonna meet them anyway”…

    And lastly i am glad to see you back..😊

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    1. I know exactly what you mean! I never thought, when I started blogging on WordPress, that I would ever meet any of the wonderful bloggers in this community, so it was such a great surprise to actually meet Melinda in person. I also agree: she’s a great blogger ^_^

      P.S. It’s great to be back! I’m looking forward to catching up on all your writing 😀

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