[Flash Fiction] The Belly-flopping Grape

“Damn it.” The grape bounced off the rim of the glass and rolled towards his companion.

“Failed attempt number 541, but hey, lucky number 542, right?”

“Shut up. Just pass it to me.”

Turning her gaze to the grape, his companion willed it to somersault through the air, before landing in a soft plop on the table in front of him.

“Show off.” Ignoring her smirk, he scrunched his eyes at the grape, his mind envisioning nothing except the image of it floating. The grape in front of him wobbled, then began to hover above the table.

“The key is to concentrate, not to look like you’re constipated.”

“Shut—ah, damn it!” His hooves kicked the table in frustration, knocking the glass over and drowning the grape in water. “I can’t do it in this stupid cow body! Turn me back into a human!”

“Your body doesn’t matter, only your mind. You’re never going to master telekinesis if you don’t understand that. Now, let’s get this grape to belly-flop into the water. Lucky number 543.”

© Jade M. Wong 2017

Photo: A Mixed Bag
Photo: MajesticGoldenRose

A double prompt combo written for Sunday Photo Fiction and for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

I’m still having trouble describing supernatural powers and writing fantasy, but it’s a genre I love and want to improve in, so practice makes perfect right?

48 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] The Belly-flopping Grape

  1. Now I really want to know what he did to end up being turned into a cow. I mean, surely there are other ways to focus on the mind… right? Fantasy is harder to write though, regardless of which type you’re in. But I enjoyed this one, so well done!

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  2. hmmm had to think a while, reading this at 4am Malaysian time not helping either, telekineses and a cow flinging grapes and missing, is it a master class on using only the mind forgetting we have hands and that we don’t need hands or legs to achieve sublime mental projection. you are gifted with the words Jade. I can’t even attempt this sort of twisted thinking – good twisted not bad twisted.

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