[Poetry] A Postcard From The Other Side

10 o’clock on a New York night,
Surrounded by fairytales and city lights,
I hope this postcard finds you well—
Me? Well, things are finally feeling right.

I watched that musical we wanted to see
Of witches and magic and defying gravity,
You were right, I cried and loved it so—
And in that moment, I set you free.

In the stars, our story will always shine,
A glimpse of all that is rare and divine,
But time moves on and so must I—
Thank you, my love, for being mine.

© Jade M. Wong 2017

06 Jade M Wong 16 April 2017Written for Sunday Photo Fiction and dVerse’s Tuesday Poetics

This week’s photo prompt is a photo taken when I watched Wicked and fell in love with the musical. I also loved the theater’s decor for Wicked, and this twisty clock-inspired piece was my favorite. 

Over at dVerse this week, the prompt was to write a postcard poem. Thought it would be fun to combine the two. 

Hope you all enjoy and bear with the lack of blog updates as I try to juggle Real Life and avoid my muse’s discontent. 


56 thoughts on “[Poetry] A Postcard From The Other Side

  1. WICKED! I was lucky enough to watch it in London, and bawled my eyes out at the very end. Even I am very glad they went with the happy ending. The poem spoke to me more though – shortly after my breakup with my boyfriend, I sent him a postcard all the way from Kyoto. It’s letting go that’s the hardest, but as you say – the memories will stay with you.

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    1. Awww I cried at the middle right when they were singing Defying Gravity. That song is absolutely magic.

      I’m sorry the poem brought up a sad memory for you, but I’m also glad it resonated at the same time 🙂

      P.S. Did you like Kyoto? I’ve always wanted to visit!

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      1. IT IS. Especially when Elphaba rises up on her broom! I’ll admit when she started singing No Good Deed though I bawled my eyes out – my heart broke for her!
        Don’t worry about it 😀 It was a good poem, after all.
        AND YES. Kyoto is amazing. It’s old, but new at the same time? And they have the best tofu and alleyways to get lost in. Although if you want to go to Kyoto, I’d advise Osaka-Kyoto, because the two are so close to each other.

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          1. I agree! Finally free to express herself and do what she does best. Glinda and her friendship was so very touching too.

            Hope you go soon! It’s a beautiful place to visit – even nicer in autumn, I think, but that’s my heat-hating side coming out.

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  2. Lovely words on your postcard Jade, such maturity shown. If only we could all be that gracious on parting – but for some, lost love hurts. Again, love your words!
    Anna :o]

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  3. I saw it too. A long time ago. In London. Not sure if it’s the same one though. But the play was fantastic and the music was brilliant. You’ve brought back some happy memories for me 😊❤️❤️

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  4. I love going to see musicals! and the way you linked Wicked and setting someone free was so magical Jade, each time you write its like a piece of my heart put back into place with the strength and beauty of your words, I loved this so much!

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  5. Jade, I adored the musical Wicked, as well. In fact, so much that we went back and saw it again, with our daughter (I didn’t know it would be appropriate for her, as I had read the book, which was NOT.) 😉 I love your postcard. So glad you linked up.

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    1. Ah, a fellow Wicked fan! It really took my breath away, and I was coming into the musical with high expectations already since I loved the story. So glad that you loved my postcard poem, and I am definitely a new fan of dVerse and all its prompt offerings! You’ll be seeing a lot of me, and I’m happy to be here ❤


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