[Poetry] It’s Our Earth Day Too

I’ve called Earth home for more than 100 years
The largest of turtles, yet many of us have disappeared,
It’s our Earth Day too.

You love that I’m black, white, Asian, and cuddly,
If you love me, then why are there so little of me?
It’s our Earth Day too.

Beautifully brilliant blues, vibrant oranges and reds,
Bloody feathers of homeless macaws, lying on the ground dead.
It’s our Earth Day too.

There are no land animals larger or smarter than me,
Yet it seems I’m only good for producing abundant ivory.
It’s our Earth Day too.

Easily the most recognizable butterflies with our bright orange wings,
Eventually, there’ll be a day we won’t come back in the spring.
It’s our Earth Day too.

I’m a Panamanian symbol of good luck and prosperity
How ironic that I now only exist in captivity.
It’s our Earth Day too.

It’s time to put your pride aside,
And discard the veil left too long on your eyes
It’s time to realize it’s not all about you,
We exist; it’s our Earth Day too.

© Jade M. Wong

Today marks Earth Day, one of the most important days of the year, in my opinion. This poem was originally written last year for Earth Day, and it’s still as meaningful today.

Any chance to give a voice to those who have none, in this world where their voices desperately need to be heard…is a chance I will take. 

Inspired by Racing Extinction’s “It’s Our Earth Day Too” Campaign


38 thoughts on “[Poetry] It’s Our Earth Day Too

  1. so many creatures that will just be in the books and online google searches. love this Jade for your tribute to those who cannot speak for themselves. everything you write about, it always has such depth, going beyond just the framework of common understanding.

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    1. Aww thank you Gina. The fate of our earth and our endangered species is something that’s really important to me, and sometimes I feel so helpless as I read the articles about how the earth is suffering. From that helplessness came a desire to give these creatures a voice. I’m thankful to you for your lovely comment ^_^

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      1. Same here and sometimes I don’t want to read because it is heart breaking. We are trusted with so much on this earth and can’t be good caretakers, it saddens me too. That’s why your words held much meaning for me.

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  2. Oh my, I love what you’ve done with this prompt. Incredibly, amazingly written and the message is powerfully present. Love this very much despite the sadness of its theme, which holds true, and why you’re piece is wonderful. Thank you 🙂

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    1. We absolutely have forgotten that. I read all these news articles about these horrible things happening to the environment, for example, the Great Barrier Reef is suffering from extreme bleaching. It’s dying, and most people don’t seem to care :(.


  3. Agree a hundred percent. There are so many birds/animals going extinct and it’s frightening. The numbers are only decreasing. I fear that by the time we realise just how much damage has occurred, many more will disappear.

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    1. Yessss. I loved the campaign by racing extinction, “it’s our earth day too”. It’s a powerful statement and these animals do deserve to live on this Earth as much as we do, perhaps even more than we do.

      Thank you so much, Rosema!! ^_^

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  4. Unique POV on this poem and worked so well and the repitition of the line “it’s our earth day too,” drives home your message. What we need to be aware of in this day is the creatures outside of humans, who call earth home. Whose habitats we effect, who live hidden in jungles, are beautiful, are becoming extinct. More then our day, it is theirs, for they are in the most danger. Great job on this!

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    1. Thank you Mandi! And yes, exactly! It’s not just about us, humans, but Earth is home to so many other creatures. It saddens me so much to hear about these beautiful creatures becoming endangered or extinct. We truly need to care about them more.

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