The One Where I Start Again

You: You’re always disappearing from this blog, you know that?

Me: *sigh* I know…

You: I understand you have responsibilities—

Me: This is going to be a lecture, isn’t it?

You: And that Life can be hard sometimes—

Me: Yup, definitely a lecture.

You: But you keep putting your blog and writing on hold. You can’t be a writer if you don’t actually write, you know.

Me: I know…I’ve noticed the pattern too. When Real Life gets too hard to juggle, I always say something’s got to go, and my blog tends to be the thing that goes.

You: Mhmm. Remember when your muse got pissed off at you because you were doing this before? When you neglected her and stopped writing?

Me: Yeah…

You: Remember how long it took for you to get back into the writing routine? And remember how crappy your writing was?

Me: It was not that bad!

You: *raises an eyebrow*

Me: Okay, fine, my writing was crap.

You: Yes, it was, but it got better, because writing is just like any skill. You have to use it and you have to hone it. And if you don’t, then all you’ll have is crappy pieces of writing and a writing career that never got the chance to take off. 

Me: Do you really think there’s a chance?

You: Yes, I do, because I believe in you, but it doesn’t matter what I believe. You need to stop sabotaging yourself. Remember that quote you love? By Cyril Connolly?

Me: Yes.

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.”

You: Where are you going now, Jade?

Me: To make peace with my muse and write something crappy. That’s where I start, right?

You: Right. 


41 thoughts on “The One Where I Start Again

  1. Actually, when life gets hard, I tend to write more on my blog, usually instead of taking care of higher priorities. Writing is how I process thoughts and feelings so you can pretty much tell how I’m doing by what I’m writing.

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  2. Aww, I hear you. I’m in the same boat. I seem to go through the phase more often than I’d like to 😭 But, we have to keep writing. Crappy or not. You should know by now that I really really love your writing so don’t stop 😘😘 Ever. Take breaks but don’t stop ❤️❤️

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    1. I too feel like I go through this phase more often than I’d like to, but I have to make a conscious effort not to slip back into old habits. Thank you so much NJ for your sweet comment and vote of support! I too adore your poetry and words ❤


  3. my cheeks now hurt my dear one! this is toooooo cute and tooo humorous and i really love your fictional banters! and please believe your alter-ego. i amsure you can. i know you can. you are awesome! i believe in you big time dearie!

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  4. I’m no writer (though I do enjoy making up stories, and trying to write them) but I, somewhat, know the feeling of writing being the last thing to be done and 1st thing to go when things get busy, etc. Welcome back to the writing world. Best of luck to you and May the Muse be With You.

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    1. “May the Muse be With You” —I love this saying! I’m going to start using it, I think 😀 and thank you very much for the kind words! It is hard to juggle everything but fingers crossed that the writing stays this time.

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  5. always lovely to read your words in whatever form Jade and your words hold deep meaning to me. we are all guilty of slacking off and sometimes just having lost our mojo or our muse says give me a break! but we need a break and will come back stronger!

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      1. I am guilty too so today wrote 2 flash, not my best but need to get back into the writing mode here, spent too much time on personal goals last week, which is also good but its nice to get back to flash!

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  6. Hehe 😂 very humerous and amusing Jade. “You” is very tough on yourself. However, I do I agree with her point that stopping for a while sets you back. After NaPoWrIMo/ AtoZ Challenge my poetry was doing good but getting back into Fiction to the level I was at before, I’d taking time. Anyways, lovely piece and glad you are here. Something helpful, I got this book from Indigo her (Barnes and Nobles is similar in the states and UK) and it’s called 500 writing prompts. I’v also seen a similar one with 300 writing prompts or drawing prompts. Anyways their are 500 prompts in this book and beneath each, lines you write under. This is an awesome way to keep up writing even if it’s not on a blog post. It has prompts that are short, in between, and longer. Also perhaps ideas for blog posts?

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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    1. Oh that’s a great idea, Mandi! I’ll look into writing prompt books and see if any stand out to me. That would definitely help me write a little something each day. Thank you for the suggestion 😀

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with you and “you”. Taking a break from writing does indeed set you back. Everything’s rusty! Lol

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    1. Haha, high five back at you Ameena! Life can seriously get in the way if we let it. Unfortunately, I have not mastered how to juggle effectively yet. I’m looking forward to more writing from us both! ❤


        1. Oh my gosh, that’s terrible! I’m so sorry to learn that and I only hope you have made peace with your past. I’m glad to know writing has helped you! I think some of the best writers have some of the most tragic pasts.

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  7. Huzzah, and welcome back! I think most bloggers can appreciate the need for some disconnect time, to re-juggle real-life with online-life, and writing, and reading, and… other stuff. Also, I’m pretty sure your writing doesn’t get crap because you don’t post for a few weeks! :p

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    1. I don’t know about that, TUS. I’m about to post a flash fiction piece I wrote for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and I’m a little worried about the feedback it will get darts behind chair haha

      Thank you for the warm welcome nevertheless! This juggling act is extremely difficult, especially since I was never good at physically juggling in the first place! But I’m happy to be back and among friends ^_^

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