[Flash Fiction] Traitor’s Gate

With every step she took, frigid mist rolled over the sand, devouring the little grains’ warmth. The crackling of the sand freezing under her feet echoed through the air, announcing her presence.

“Knock knock, guess who?” She lilted in a sing-song voice, pausing at the broad stone gate guarding where he dwelled. Bending down to the gate’s bottom beam, she scratched into the stone with her fingernail, as sharp as an icicle and as hard as a diamond. Traitor’s Gate. An apt name for her traitor of an ex-lover.

Dusting shards of stone off her pale knees, she called out again. “Open the door, honey, or I’ll knock it down.”

There was silence as the gate stubbornly stayed closed.

“Have it your way.”

She placed a small hand, no larger than a girl’s, on the warm stone entrance. Ice trailed from her palm like intricate spider webs, snapping and bending the rock until it broke as easily as glass. With a gentle shove, the gate collapsed into splinters at her feet. She stepped over the words she carved glistening up from the wreckage, and strolled into the yard.

“Honey, I’m home!”

© Jade M. Wong 2017

200 05 May 21st 2017
Credit: A Mixed Bag

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. Word Count: 191. 

To read more about this badass heroine, check out Red Glass & Crystals and Jealousy

Still blowing off some dust on the writing muscles, but the muse really likes this badass heroine. I think one more story to wrap up her revenge tale, hmm? Stay tuned, guys!

24 thoughts on “[Flash Fiction] Traitor’s Gate

    1. Thanks Gina! As always you know exactly how to make me smile with your words!

      I hope your week has been productive and restful, my sweet friend. We’re in springtime showers right now, so it’s been gray and gloomy haha I’m one of the few people enjoying the rain 😀


      1. ☺🙅 well YOU make me smile when I need it most like YOU know when to be present. lovely weather….I love rain too. it rained heavy here yesterday afternoon and after my morning at Starbucks I went home to a sweet nap. I hope the rain keeps you happy and snug!

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